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About the Will Smith Slapping Incident, Jim Carrey Opens Up: I'm Sick!

Legendary actor Jim Carrey has opened up about the slap incident by Will Smith to Chris Rock. He admitted that he was very disgusted by the action.

As we both know, the Oscar 2022 event that was just held was colored by an unexpected incident. The reason is, Chris Rock, who was on the Oscar stage at that time, suddenly got a very hard slap from Will Smith.

Seeing the incident, several hollywood actors also gave their responses, including Jim Carrey who is famous for having a humorous nature thanks to the comedy films he has starred in.

Jim Carrey’s Response to Will Smith’s Slapping Incident To Chris Rock

When present at the event CBS Morning, Jim was asked what he thought about the incident involving Will Smith and Chris Rock. He said he was disgusted and judged that hollywood was not a cool club anymore.

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“I’m sick of the standing ovation. Hollywood is massively powerless and it feels like a very clear sign that we’re not a cool club anymore,” said Jim Carrey.

Furthermore, the actor who was born January 17, 1962 will sue Will Smith for US $ 200 if he becomes Chris Rock, because the video will be milling about in cyberspace forever. Not to forget, Jim considered that action was an insult.

“(If I were Chris Rock) I announced this morning I was suing Will for $200 million because that video is going to be around forever, it’s going to be everywhere. It was an insult that would last a very long time. If you want to scream from the audience and show disapproval or say something on Twitter (that’s fine),” said Jim Carrey.

Jim Carrey Will Smith
Photo: Hindustan Times

“But you have no right to go on stage and hit people in the face because they said something,” he continued.

He confirmed that he and Will Smith did not have personal problems, Jim only gave his opinion and felt Will Smith’s actions at the event could not be justified, even for whatever reason.

“(The slap) came out because Will felt a fit inside him which was frustrating. I wish him the best, I’m not against him. He did a lot of good things, but it wasn’t the right moment. It overshadowed everyone’s proud moment. It was a selfish moment.” the lid.

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Hmm, what do you think guys? Do you agree with Jim Carrey’s opinion?