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Get to know Kanta, One of the Best Fighter Knights in Lokapala!

Get to know Kanta, One of the Best Fighter Knights in Lokapala!

Ksatriya Kanta is an original character created by Anantarupa Studios which is the developer of the Lokapala game.

Kanta is told as a high school student. In addition to carrying out his knowledge at school, the character who looks like a high school student also works part time as a motorcycle taxi on line.

Kanta gains power from an ancient relic while he is shipping his package. Because of his power, Kanta becomes the target of people who want the power of ancient relics.

The following are the skills possessed by Ksatriya Kanta Lokapala:

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Passive – Ancient’s Bless

Photo via Lokapala

Every hit that hits the opponent, Kanta will gain additional attack speed (1%(Lv1) / 2%(Lv4) / 4%(Lv8) / 6%(Lv12) for 2 seconds and can be stacked up to 5 stacks.

When the stack count reaches 5, the attack range is increased by 100 Units.

Skills 1 – Fortitude Demeanor

Kanta deals 3 attacks and deals 150/170/190/210/230/250 (+50% of AD) Physical damage.

The third attack resulted in knock up to the opponent.

Skills 2 – Foreign Imprint

Canta hits forward, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 (+80% of AD) opponents physical damage and give a sign.

Damage will increase by 50% to enemies who have marks using Fortitude Demeanor.

Skills 3 – Exoteric Jolt

Kanta can jump and kick his opponent until they are pushed when attacking using skills 3 aliases ultimate.

Ultimate skill can provide [damage] (+100% AD) Physical Damage.

Isn’t that great, isn’t the skill of this Kshatriya Khage? You can also try how great this Ksatriya Tank is.

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