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What is the use of Yellow Diamond in Mobile Legends? Here for those who don't know

What is the use of yellow diamonds in Mobile Legends? The event that Moonton just brought into the game and was very much talked about by players.

Moonton has just presented a fairly large event to the Mobile Legends game, the event is called the 515 Carnival Party which the players have been waiting for.

This event had previously been presented last year and in 2022 it was brought back again, which made the players happy.

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The main focus in this event is to collect as many yellow diamonds as possible. Then what is the function of the yellow diamond?

Yellow Diamond Function

what is the use of yellow diamond in mobile legends

Basically the yellow diamond is ordinary diamonds in generalbut it’s just a different way of using it.

If you’re a regular diamond, you can use it right away whenever you wantwhile the Yellow Diamond can only be used at a certain time.

So, for example, if you have 100 yellow diamonds, then it’s the same as your regular 100 diamonds, only yellow diamonds can be used at certain times during the event period.

Then for the discounted price using a yellow diamond, it’s the same as the original price minus the regular diamond.

Must Follow Event

what is the use of yellow diamond in mobile legends

So as much as possible, you should join the 515 Carnival Party event this time and collect as many yellow diamonds as you can.

All of this is done so that you can buy skins for more than 800 diamonds at a price of 1 diamond, remember only for a certain time.

So basically, the point or function of the yellow diamond in Mobile Legends is to buy skins or other items at the shop, just like you buy with regular diamonds, but this yellow diamond is only valid at certain times.

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