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3 Mobile Legends OP Heroes Who Go to Franco's Counter

There are at least 3 heroes who are really OP in the current Mobile Legends meta but can be countered easily by Franco.

Franco is one of the most popular heroes in Mobile Legends for all ranks. The level of popularity is very high, even beating the core heroes in Mobile Legends

How terrible is Franco to be the top pick hero in MLBB? The answer, of course, is terrible, especially for core heroes in Mobile Legends.

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There are even 3 OP heroes in the current meta who are countered by Franco, who are the heroes?


New Selena Skin MLBB
source: Pinterest

First, there’s Selena, even though it’s terrible in the early game, the fact is that Selena is very afraid of meeting Franco.

He had to be wary of Franco’s 1 or 3 skills that could stop Selena very easily.


Mobile legends new hero
Photo via Pinterest

Having 4 different weapons and each weapon having extraordinary damage makes Beatrix the most prioritized MM hero at this time.

But, in fact Beatrix can be stopped easily by Franco especially using his 3rd skill.


Lancelot Skin

Finally, Lancelot, don’t expect Lancelot to show his agility in front of Franco. Because Franco can easily catch Lancelot using his 3rd skill.

Or even if Franco is smart he can easily attract Lancelot using his 1st skill by having to wait for Lance to use his 2nd skill.

Those are 3 heroes of Mobile Legends op that can be countered easily by Franco.

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