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3 Hero Core Destroyer Meta Tank Mobile Legends

Having trouble fighting meta tanks in Mobile Legends? Calm down, here are 3 core heroes destroying the Mobile Legends meta tank, note the spinners.

Meta tanks have become a very popular meta in MLBB lately, not only in the public but until the pro scene meta is very popular.

The initial formation of the meta tank was due to the many MLBB tank heroes who were buffed by Moonton and it can be said that now everything is equal in terms of ability.

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Therefore, the meta tank immediately skyrocketed & is so reliable for Mobile Legends players at this time. But don’t worry, SPIN Esports has 3 recommended hero cores that can destroy this meta easily.


Mobile legends strongest mage hero
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Even though it’s not so popular right now, Lunox’s ability is very reliable to fight all tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

He has high burst damage that can destroy meta tanks quickly and powerfully, plus he has immune skills that make all tank heroes afraid to fight him.


Hero attack speed mobile legends
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From his nickname as the “Tank Destroying Marksman” you can definitely see how terrible this Karrie is.

Whether it’s defense or thick blood that tank heroes have, all of that is meaningless against Karrie.


Karina counter hero
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Finally, there is Karina, for this one the most commonly used by players to counter meta tanks in MLBB.

Karina has a skill that can lower the opponent’s defense or armor and make the opponent die easily by Karina.

Actually, there are still many heroes who destroy meta tanks in Mobile Legends, but the three heroes above are the most effective in our opinion.

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