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Weakest Hero in Mobile Legends 2022, Avoid Push Rank!

Mobile legends is a game full of strategy. The reason is from the initial release until now there have been many heroes that you can play. But if you push rank, you should use the best hero and still have over power. Don’t use the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends so you don’t have a losing streak.

Mobile Legends will end the season within 3 months. While in the annual cycle, Mobile legends will hold seasons up to 4 times. The tier and rank of each Mobile Legends player will decrease and be reset automatically by the system to the previous tier. Even pro players who have reached 1000 mithycal glory stars will also return to Epic during the new season.

There is a strategy in playing Mobile Legends heroes called Meta. Meta understanding is a special thing to be able to work together between players to get the best hero composition. Especially now that we have entered season 22 which some time ago ended season 21. And as usual, there will be a new meta and hero when the new season begins. Many strategies will change, you can just observe it in ML, MDL Esports matches and other tournaments.

The Weakest Hero Collection in Mobile Legends 2022

To make it easier to play the best Meta, the composition of the hero is also based on the skill level and the default damage. The strongest and weakest heroes are options for you to choose in combining roles and player skills to master hero skills. The following is a collection of the weakest and currently rarely used heroes in various matches in Mobile Legends.

1. Minotour

weakest hero in mobile legends

The hero with this tank role is indeed less overpowered in various metas today. Especially now that it has hyper meta and there are lots of agile heroes like Bennedeta, Ling and Hayabusa. Considering the Minotour tank is only effective when locking many heroes when they are gathered and in war.

Besides that, build items that are hard on the opponent’s hero, making the effect of this ultimate minotour damage less effective during war. In addition, the mobility of the monotour is also very less. It can be late and can’t keep the team’s hero core, even prone to being caught by the opponent. You know, if the cores from the early game have died a lot, the team’s gold will also be far behind. Especially if you carry meta hyper.

If you are in a draft pick and get a tank role, you should use a tank that has high mobility. For example, Johnson, Ghatotkacha or those who can be hard like Uranus.

This Minotour is indeed a legendary tank, with skills that can inhibit movement and are very suitable for ultimate use during war. But that was then, if you are now dealing with an agile hero core, of course I will be overwhelmed.

2. Hanabi

weakest hero in mobile legends

Marksman whose farming also takes time and patience, according to Sukaon, is also less effective for you to use push rank. There are still many marksman heroes who are more agile and have more damage. You can choose Beatrix or Wan-wan, the damage from this hero is quite painful. Moreover, Beatrix, a sniper marksman hero who is rich in weapons can be a mainstay. The top shoot can eliminate half the blood of mage-class and core opponents who don’t use defense items.

Hanabi will indeed help and do damage when entering the late game. But the weakness is that if it’s still in the early game, the blood is very thin and easy to kill. If you are forced to use this hero, you need tight guard during the early game. Because of this weakness, many people know, if there is an opponent who picks Hanabi, it will definitely be pushed all out while still in the early game. And if you can’t dodge, then auto pick off, and points for the opponent.

3. Layla

Layla is a hero who has appeared since the early release of Mobile Legends. If you use this hero to push rank without paying attention to the opponent’s meta hero composition when draft pick, the percentage of lose will be large. Moreover, you do not really master the skills and build of this hero.

Just like with Hanabi, this hero is quite thin in the early game. It even tends to be easier to pick off if you can’t keep your distance. Even farming takes too long. If you enter the late game, you can still be a mainstay. But the most important thing is the composition and strategy in the early game. Prioritize agile heroes.

Especially if you play solo, if you use layla, there will definitely be a lot of toxic from your teammates who are heading towards you.

4. Vale

This mage with a myriad of damage skills is indeed painful, but now it is less effective if you find various agile heroes. Vale is one of the weakest heroes in Mobile Legends. This refers to the vale blood which is too thin and very easy to pick off.

5. Odette

The weakest hero in the next Mobile Legends is Odette. This one hero mage is indeed very risky in the early game. Even if there is no combo it will also be in vain. This hero is very closely related to other hero combos. The most effective combos with this hero are tanks that can be cars with high mobility, namely Johnson.

If you combo with Johnson and you can lock the hero’s core, the damage will indeed be more deadly. But if you’re alone, it’s very easy to get picked off in the early game and late game. The damage from this ultimate skill can be immediately canceled with other hero skills. Even if you want to give the ultimate, all skills must be off. Pressing any ultimate skill will immediately cancel.

6. Saber

Assassins with enemy hero lock skills are indeed effective with this hero. Like Eudora with her stun skill, this hero also has a deadly ultimate and often hides behind the grass. But still less effective, considering the thin blood and also less mobility. The open map skill of the other skill is also useful indeed for early games and late games. But if gold is left far behind, it will actually deposit your life when you enter a big war.

Now there are many counter heroes from the 6 heroes we mentioned earlier. In addition, the items themselves are also more damaging if you focus on their respective roles. This consequently makes the hero’s HP very thin, and prone to being picked off. especially the use of skills that miss a little or take the wrong position during war, it actually becomes a target.

Use the OP hero if you really want to push rank during the new season. Because I’m sure, if the new season all down tier to Epic. There are also many pro players who push rank during the new season, both solo rank and playing together.

if possible, you can also play together as five to make it easier to coordinate when matching takes place. Because you can meet global top and pro Esport players in the rankings.