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The Best Mobile Legends Player in the World, Let's Check Anyone!

If you are a fan and player of Mobile Legends, you must be curious about the Best Mobile Legends player in the world. For the assessment as the best player, of course based on skills and good game play appearance. Mobile Legends from the beginning of the season has carried various tournaments until now. There is the Mobile Legends Premier League (MPL) and the M series world cup that has taken place like M1 and M2. Some time in the future, there will be M3 matches for various esport teams from around the world.

The best Mobile Legends players in the world do have qualified individual skills. Even now, even though he has retired from being a pro player, he is still a scourge if you meet him in ranked mode.

The Best Mobile Legends Player in the World

There are 5 players that has collected and are the best according to various sources. There are various players with the best mechanics, some are still pro players and some have retired. Those who have retired usually focus more on Youtube streamers.


The Best Mobile Legends Player in the World, Let's Check Anyone!

The strongest offlaner from the famous Indonesian esport team, Evos. From several previous tournaments, Evos is indeed the most thrilling for various other esports. At that time there were Oura, Donkey, Rekt, Wann and Luminaire. Right now Donkey and Oura are aiming and focusing on their youtube channel. Moreover, according to the news circulating, these two former pro players have formed an esport team, namely GPX. Roaster GPX is also on the rise thanks to these two famous former pro players from Evos.

Oura was once famous for being the strongest offlaner. In fact, it is very difficult to break into the tower that Oura is guarding. The selection of heroes and mechanics in dealing with opponents is always difficult to overthrow.

2.Jess No limit

In the past, Jess did play as a pro player at Evos, but over time, Jess left and grew her Youtube channel. Currently, Jess has more content about daily vlogs, so it’s not just gaming vlogs.


Lemon is still affiliated with RRQ. The pro player who earned the nickname alien also has a Youtube channel to share the game play. Lemon is a strange player, builds and picks heroes sometimes don’t match the meta, and indeed, Lemon’s teammates say that they always pick heroes they like. But he can indeed calculate the damage. It even went viral when using his lapu-lapu which faced 5 heroes at once from the opponent.

Lemon’s movement using any hero is very precise, even using Odette can still savage when ranked with the public. If you want to see various game play from the hero that Lemon plays, just go to his Youtube channel. There are various kinds of non-meta heroes played by the aliens.

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The Best Mobile Legends Player in the World, Let's Check Anyone!

This player did strengthen IDNS Singapore before strengthening Bigetron. This Granger user is indeed rich in cursing and individual skills. Achievement has also been a global top in season 4. During season 5, he was also the MVP when he was in the MPL Malaysia / Singapore match.


The Best Mobile Legends Player in the World, Let's Check Anyone!

His real name is Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno, comes from the Philippines and strengthens Bren Esports. His success in bringing Bren esports to win the M2 cup also made his name even more glorious. He also managed to become MVP during M2 last January, even his total kills only reached 148 during the M2 trophy. Great isn’t it?