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Tips for Playing Sunset Canyon Rise of Kingdoms to Win

sunset canyon rise of kingdoms

One of the eternal gameplay modes and will continue to exist in all kingdoms in the Rise of Kingdoms game is Sunset Canyon. Apart from the Ark of Osiris and the Expedition of course.

On newly formed kingdoms or servers in RoK, Sunset Canyon is usually unlocked a week after the formation of the Kingdom and will continue to exist. While the KvK edition, there is such a thing as Lost Canyon.

The advantage of playing Sunset Canyon is that we get a lot of Material Equipment to forge war gear (War Gear). In the early game, you may not feel the function, but you will realize later how important this equipment material is.

Basically, the material must be collected as much as possible and stored, do not just use it to Forge (Forge) war equipment that is not needed and does not match the commander’s specialization.

Sunset Canyon Tricks in Rise of Kingdoms

Okay now on to the main topic, basically ideally you need 5 Marches or five troop queues at Sunset Canyon. Therefore, upgrade the CH at least to level 22.

1. Use AOE Commanders and Deployment

The choice of commander is important for playing Sunset Canyon, you are advised to use a commander who has the AOE Damage skill. In essence, AOE is useful for dealing damage to more than one target simultaneously.

For beginners or new accounts in KvK 1, some recommendations for Kibezaka’s version of the Sunset Canyon commander are as follows: Sun Tzu, Aethelflaed, Joan of Arc, Commander Baibars, MehmedBjorn Ironside, Osman I, Kusunoki Masashige, Richard I, Yi Seong-Gye (YSG) and Queen Tamar of Georgia (Secondary).

The matter of placing the right position and combo pair is adjusted to the role or task of each commander. For example, in KvK1 I used the Richard – Osman & Sun Tzu – Mehmed duet in front to become a tank.

See the following image for Sunset Canyon KvK 1:

how to play sunset canyon rise of kingdoms skirt
Meanwhile, Aeth – YSG is in charge of dealing major damage to the enemy without having to be directly attacked by the opponent because he is positioned behind the Richard/Sun Tzu Tank. Read: Sun Tzu’s Best Talent.

Why did I choose Osman over Richard? Because if he has expertise, he can increase the number of troops that can be brought to Sunset Canyon.

In the photo, I use Baibars – Cao Cao is more effective because they both have Cavalry skills. But my friend can replace Cao Cao with another like Mehmed, or Queen Tamar. And Sun Tzu just duet with Bjorn Ironside.
At the bottom there is a Hermann – Kusunoki RoK, this is just a distraction. Actually optional & subjective, my friend can replace Kusunoki and duetin Hermann – Joan of Arc for Rage regeneration skills quickly.

The rest for KvK2 and so on is the same, in conclusion, the AOE commander should be prioritized when playing Sunset Canyon and Lost Canyon.

Addendum: If you have maximized Charles Martel’s skill from the MGE victory, you can use him with Sun Tzu as a Tank. Even without AOE, Martel is strong in defense.

2. Blue Equipment is Minimal

In Sunset Canyon and Lost Canyon Rise of Kingdoms modes, there is no need for maximum war/military technology. Because purely relying on strategy, commander’s skills and equipment / war equipment buddy.

That’s why I often beat Leviathan players whose power is above 200M+, because equipment speaks here. You also have to rely on a minimum of Elite type equipment (Blue) to be used in Sunset Canyon. If there is something better like Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Orange) that’s even better.

URGENT: Rise of Kingdoms formula is Health > Defense > Attack. Choose & prioritize forging equipment or Equipment with HP (Health) buffs, then Defense, while Attack is the last option.

Additional Tips

All the main commanders used in Sunset Canyon are recommended level 60 (Maximum), because a difference of just one level will affect the Talent Build commander.

If possible, keep all Sunset Canyon bonus/reserve tickets. For daily tickets use all before reset and bonus tickets are used on Monday morning before 07:00 WIB (00:00 UTC).

Sunset Canyon will reset every week at that time, try to at least finish in the top 100 at the end of the weekly period to get more Golden Keys, EXP (Tome of Knowledge) books and more Speedups.

A few tips on Sunset Canyon tips in Rise of Kingdoms, this also applies when your kingdom is playing Lost Canyon in Lost Kingdom (when KvK takes place).