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Gold Rise of Kingdoms Functions Are More Important Than You Think

function gold rise of kingdoms skirt

Maybe for friends who have just played Rise of Kingdoms, they will be confused, what is the function of Gold in RoK actually? Gold is one of the Resources (RSS/SDA) in the Rise of Kingdom game besides Food (Corn), Wood (Wood) and Stone (Stone).

We know how essential RSS is in this game. At the beginning of the game or early game, maybe you rarely use Gold, even for farming only level 5 Gold, the SDA points get 384k compared to Food or Wood which reaches 756k of course.

But over time, you will realize how important it is to have a large amount of Gold. I personally have 4 farm accounts in RoK, each focused on farming Food, Wood, Stone and Gold only. So that the main account can focus on collecting Gems.

Friends, you can refer to our previous article about Farming Commanders, where we explain which commanders are experts and specialize in Gathering, especially with this Gold gathering speed skill.

Now back to the topic, how important and function is Gold in Rise of Kingdoms? The answer is important. Just like other natural resources. It’s just that we don’t notice it directly. Here are some of its functions:

1. Technology Research – Yes, there is an Academy building that is useful for researching military technology or economics. All levels or levels when you want to upgrade tech clearly need Gold, in a trivia even Lilith wrote “Gold is important, especially for Research Technology at the Academy”.

2. Healing Troops – Restoring all troop types will require Gold. Even Cavalry, Infantry, Archers to Siege units. When you reach T5 (Tier 5) troops, more Gold is needed. Because to heal T5 Troops it consumes a lot of Gold.

3. Forging Equipment – or Forge Equipment, of course my friend understands how important war equipment is for your mainstay commander to add buffs. The higher the tier, the more Gold is needed to make Equipment in Blacksmiths / Blacksmiths.

Materials on Equipment can also be downgraded using Gold. So for example, if you have an Iron Ore (Iron) of the Legendary type, it can be reduced to four or more materials of the Epic (Purple), Elite (Blue), Advanced (Green), and Normal (Grey) types, simply using the Gold/Gold needed it.

Basically, apart from needing a Blueprint to make equipment aka Equipment, you also need enough Gold when you want to Forge / Forge. Well, it’s also worth knowing how difficult it is to collect Materials, so don’t waste them.

Personally, I am one of those who often disassemble equipment/equipment, especially the Normal and Advanced types. So for the Dismantle process (dismantling) only requires Gold, so just in case, just increase the amount of your Gold.

Farming Gold in RoK takes a longer time than Food, Wood and Stone, especially in the home Kingdom without the Gathering Speed ​​buff. Therefore, it is recommended to create a farm account specifically for farming Gold only completely.

That’s the topic of the Gold Rise of Kingdoms Function which is no less important, so it’s recommended to keep a spare Gold in your RoK account, the more the amount the better.