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This is Piyu Padi's account in the original Rise of Kingdoms

The ROKI (Rise of Kingdoms Indonesia) community is getting stronger, now the personnel and guitarist of the legendary Padi Band, Piyu, are playing Rise of Kingdoms in Kingdom 1945.

As is known, server #1945 Ketton Kingdom is the kingdom with the highest number of Indonesian players and dominates the kingdom.

piyu padi rise of kingdoms

Since being formed almost 2 years ago, 1945 has only lost once in the Lost Kingdom or KvK event. And that too against several empires in one title “KvK Hell” or the biggest KvK in the history of Rise of Kingdoms.

Piyu Padi Rise of Kingdoms Account

At first I was hesitant because there was a member in the WhatsApp group who distributed screenshots that Piyu Padi played Rise of Kingdoms in 1945.

However, it turns out that there is an official video clip showing Piyu Padi holding a tablet gadget with a display of her RoK account.

In the video, Piyu Padi also invites anyone to play Rise of Kingdoms and join or migrate to server #1945. Don’t forget to prepare your passport page before migrating.
Piyu Padi Skirt Rise of Kingdom account

When checked, the Piyu Padi Rise of Kingdoms account is indeed in kingdom #1945 – Kingdom of Ketton. The amount of power he has until this article is written is 104,944,378 (almost 105M) with a total kill points (KP) of 1,597,294,045 (almost 1.6B).

Judging from the account specifications, it looks like the sultan’s account. Currently, Piyu is in the 45TB (The Big House) alliance with Kombes Sudomo.

The presence of Piyu Padi at Rise of Kingdoms is expected to increase the motivation and cohesiveness of the 1945 players during the KvK event.

The joining of Piyu Padi in Rise of Kingdoms, especially kingdom #1945 also certainly adds to the excitement of the Indonesian RoK community, which is known to be solid both inside and outside the game.