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Tips for Playing Champions of Olympia in Rise of Kingdoms to Win

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Schedule info and Guide on how to play Champion Olympia Rise of Kingdoms (Champions of Olympia) to win. Lilith has just released a new gameplay mode on RoK, namely 5v5 events such as Mobile Legends, similar to the MOBA genre.

In this Champions of Olympia event, my friend will join in a 5 vs 5 battle which takes place with a limited time duration of 10 minutes. So during those ten minutes you have to fight over one objective.

The objective here is to control the Olympia Flags flag. When the occupation or process of winning is successful, you must defend this Olympian flag as long as possible to get a lot of points and end the match with a win.

This new mode of the game Rise of Kingdoms MOBA at the request of many Governors in RoK when the change campaign a few months ago was echoed by many players, they wanted something new and fresh.

The ruined Olympia Hall is a testament to the glory of the previous era. Statues of great heroes, beauty of legends, and glorious battles long forgotten are evidence of an ancient era that is increasingly being forgotten.

This time, you will rewrite lost history. Are you ready to fight, relying on the knowledge of strategy in this game for the honor of the Delian League of Athens.

Or just enjoying the heat and chaotic battles against the Peloponnesian League of Sparta (Peloponnesian League)? Who has succeeded in attracting the attention of the community and which team is ready to protect & honor their ancestors with a victory? The choice is yours.

Tips for Playing Champions of Olympia RoK to Win

When you enter the map or battle area, there are a total of five Olympia Flags. You just need to defeat the enemy troops, then capture or control the flag to start collecting lots of points.

So when your team controls the Olympia flag and defends it, the points will go to your side until the enemy takes it back. This is the reason why you must defeat every opposing team that tries to grab the flag.

Enter the blue circle in the middle of the map, where you can attack the opposing troops. With a note, my friend is allowed to bring 5 Marches at once or as many troops as you have.

At the top of the screen during the game there will be a bar, the Blue Team and Red Team color lines with numbers. It is a score that is calculated based on how many friends carry a queue of troops, the more the higher the points.

After mastering the Olympia Flag, you can bring troops to the blue circle around it for healing troops. Please heal the injured troops there as quickly as possible, it takes 20 seconds to completely heal completely.

Well, at the beginning of playing, you must choose the bonus skill that will be used. There are 4 skills that you can use in battle and can be accessed via the menu on the button in the lower right corner, including active & passive skills.

The four skills include: Bravery, Wisdom, Swiftness, and Shadow. Please choose the one that best suits your role or task, in one team there are five players. Similar to MLBB games, there are Tanks, Cores, Support and so on.

The most important thing is that if you lose the Champions of Olympia Rise of Kingdoms battle, then you don’t need to use RSS/SDA, or speedups for healing troops. Just wait for the cooldown or spawn again in 1 minute (60 seconds) until it respawns in the initial position.

Don’t ignore the mini map! At the top right there will be a map where you can find out the enemy’s position and the situation when there is a fight, so how many Olympia flags you can control.

The Mini-Map also displays the position of friends, so make sure everyone understands their respective roles and must do whatever. If everyone is too focused on the Mid Lane, then the other Lane can be attacked by the enemy.

Until this article is published, you can only use Legendary commanders to take part in the 5v5 Champions of Olympia battle in Rise of Kingdoms. In the future Lilith is preparing for an Epic Commander as well.

Champions Of Olympia Rise of Kingdoms Trick

1. This new game mode is all about strategizing and team cohesion. It’s not just a matter of defeating the opposing team, if you have few K/D stats but manage to take over the Olympia Flags flag, you can still get high points.

2. Before the battle starts, move your troop Marches to the first circle or circle as soon as possible to start farming the first points quickly.

3. There is a skill that can turn troops into a tower. Buddy can’t take advantage of commander’s skills when turning into a tower and can’t determine specific enemy targets. But can attack anyone with a longer distance and become stronger as a Tank, use Archer commanders to get bonus points.

Olympia Champion Rules in Rise of Kingdoms

First, each governor can issue 3 troops determined by the system. But it cannot be replaced once the fight has started.

Second, the main requirement is that your City Hall or CH must be at least level 11 in order to enter and take part in the Champions of Olympia.

Third, there are special skills provided. Each player can activate the skill to give more buff effects during the fight.

Fourth, once you have mastered the Olympia Flag, the nearest filling point or Replenishment Point will be activated automatically. Once activated, when moving troops to the area will restore / heal previously injured troops.

Unfortunately, the replenishment process takes time and the enemy can attack you. When an interrupt occurs, the replenishment process is interrupted and repeats itself.

Match format Champions of Olympia ROK (Olympia Championship): Two teams of five governors each, battling for the Olympia flag. Occupying or controlling the Flag will get flowing points, the team with the most points wins.

Troops that fall on the battlefield will respawn in the Spawn zone, even if you don’t recover at the Replenishment Point. Just wait for the Spawn Zone and enter the battle area again.

Prizes will be obtained based on the number of wins achieved. You can get a maximum of three rewards for each event period. So even if you win 100x, the prize you get is only calculated based on 3 times indeed.

Suggestions and Recommendations from Us: Make sure your two queues or March troops control the Olympia flag. While one troop uses a fast Cavalry commander like Cao Cao and Belisarius.

Well, this March Cavalry is used to lure enemies and when the enemy attacks you invite them to run anywhere so that their focus is divided so that the opponent has difficulty mastering the Olympia Flag objective.

During war, make sure you are not alone. Invite teammates to coordinate to attack opposing troops simultaneously. Also use AOE commanders like YSG, Sun Tzu, or Aethelflaed for example. If you are confused, read more about: Commander Sun Tzu.

Champions of Olympia Event Schedule: Because this event is regular like the Ceroli Crisis Karuak Ceremony, the schedule is uncertain. If Ark of Osiris & MGE are sure to be every 2 weeks, now the Olympia Champion schedule is different, maybe once a month / 2 months.

The prize is quite tempting. There are VIP Points, Talent Reset, Skill Reset, Speedup, Tome of Knowledge, RSS, Universal Legendary Commander Sculpture (Legend Commander Gold Statue), Territorial Teleport Items to Epic Materials for equipment.

Here are some guidelines and tips for playing Champions of Olympia or Olympian Champion to win & get attractive prizes from championships that use the MOBA format in Rise of Kingdoms.