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Rise of Kingdoms Refund Abuse Case Shocks the Community

Maybe a friend of RoK already understands. The Rise of Kingdoms community is being shocked by the rise of cases of Refund Abuse or misuse of refunds in RoK games.

This is a discussion on various servers. Rise of Kingdom YouTubers such as Chisgule and Wick Gaming discussed this abuse as an act that could damage the Rise of Kingdoms game.
skirt refund abuse rise of kingdoms

Since the first, Refund Abuse has existed but lately there are more and more cases. This is worse than Cheat using RSS Bots to farm/gather SDA.

A number of accounts have been penalized by Lilith Games as a developer. No matter how famous a player is in this community, being found in violation is immediately fined.

One of the highlights was the case of RUDA who holds the throne of the King or King and Council from server #2155 who reportedly can no longer log into his account. Through his Discord kingdom he said goodbye to all the players suddenly.

The reason is classic, because he was already bored. The surprising fact is that the power account has dropped from 300M power to only 54M. Fantastic, got zero? It could be.

But it’s not surprising that it was all done by the developer aka Lilith herself. Why is it the King of 2155? His account is permanently banned! The reason?

It is known that the King of kingdom 2155 abused the refund abuse feature for the past year. So what does Refund Abuse mean in Rise of Kingdoms?

The short analogy is this, you top up buying any bundle at Rise of Kingdoms. Six months later you make a refund claim to the Google Play Store or request a refund from the purchase of the bundle. (Read: How to Refund in Rise of Kingdoms)

Funds were successfully returned, but Lilith will confiscate all items from the bundle you purchased. Whether it’s Gems, Palbot (Gold Head), Speedup, Gold Key and so on.

And if it is considered too severe then the account is banned. Remember we’ve discussed a player doing a refund of his total purchase for the last 9 months.

As a result, the account is minus -490 thousand Gems! He managed to refund thousands of USD when making purchases using PayPal. His account has been unlocked T5 in a short time, a week later of course he can’t login again.

What makes this case even more exciting is that if you get a Golden Chest from a purchase made by someone else and then that person commits a refund abuse, your account has the potential to be affected as well.

This is what many players experience when someone uses an RSS Bot for farming, but the results of the RSS are sent to other players so players who don’t know anything can also get their accounts banned for a year or permanently depending.

This furore was exacerbated by unscrupulous Lilith employees who reportedly held negotiating conversations to unban (open banned) accounts that violated the refund abuse case as discussed on the Wick Gaming channel.

rss skirt rise of kingdoms

Wick also shows proof of the in-game apology mail that Lilith sent some time ago, that there was one content creator who got FREE Resources/RSS/SDA items sent by Lilith’s staff immediately after the creator lost the war.

Indeed there are many creators of Rise of Kingdoms. Either independent or directly sponsored (Sponsored Content Creator). Well, those sponsored usually get free/discounted Gems or bundles from Lilith and that’s just like the word endorsement.

However, what made it unnatural and protested by the players was that in the midst of the war one of the creators asked Lilith for free RSS/SDA in a fantastic amount, which of course broke the balance and fair play in playing.