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How to Win the Shadow Legion Invasion in Rise of Kingdoms

shadow legion invasion skirt

Here’s a guide on how to win the Shadow Legion Invasion event or the Rise of Kingdoms Shadow Legion Invasion. Friends, gamers, of course, already know that there is an event like this every few weeks at RoK.

Basically this has to involve an alliance, if you are not in an alliance then you cannot participate. Later The Dark Fortress will appear throughout the Kingdom.

Only R4 or alliance officials can initiate this event. Because all alliance members will be tested with 25 times the level of Barbarians attack on your city. Yes, your city will be attacked many times.

One of the other requirements City Hall must be at least level 8 and above to be able to participate. And an alliance must have at least 30 active members. When the Alliance Officials start the event by pressing the “START” or “Start” button, the Barbarians from the nearby Dark Fortress will attack the city.

This is an event that I always look forward to to test or test how strong our city’s defenses are in terms of commanders, troops, military technology and other military buffs.

Here are some tips for running the Shadow Invasion Legion event or the Shadow Legion Invasion at Rise of Kingdoms.

1. Defeat the Barbarians Shadow Legion Invasion of all levels to maximize the RoK rewards earned.

2. You will get the Alliance’s Individual Silver Coin to redeem items at the Alliance Shop.

3. Prizes or rewards obtained will be sent via Mail in the System section. Don’t forget to claim.

4. There are also prizes for the Shadow Legion Invasion event in the form of Gems, Speedups, SDA, Action Points, Equipment Materials, VIP Points. Depends on how high the level of difficulty.

5. Avoid losing up to two times, because if you lose 2 times the Invasion troops will fail to get the prize.

6. Use the best Garrison commander, if the kingdom is young or still KvK 1 and Kvk2, if you have Richard I pair him with Charles Martel or Sun Tzu with Kusunoki Masashige.

Some other tips are not to use Teleport or Peace Shield items during the event, because you will be considered to have given up and lost.

Scout any city or flag, then cancel. Its function is to activate the 3% Troop Attack bonus, because when we Scout other players, the War Frenzy is active, that’s as long as the bonus attack we will get.

If there are at least 15 alliance members who manage to survive to level 25, then the next Shadow Invasion Legion difficulty level will be unlocked.

Also make sure all your troops are in town, don’t spend them either for farming or rallying Barbarian Fort. This is for the sake of strengthening & strengthening our City’s defenses when attacked by the Shadow Legion Invasion troops.

Before starting the event, ask the alliance administrator to postpone it for a while, then you go to the Sanctum, Shrine or Altar to pick up Buffs in the form of Troop Attack or Defense.

Ask the alliance official to activate the alliance skill named “Unbridled Progress”, this will increase the damage to the Shadow Legion Invasion troops by 30%. Also the skill “Books & Battles” increases the Attack of all troops by 10%.

Don’t forget to take the Rune for war at the Lost Temple or the nearest sacred site, for example the buff adds Troop Health/Troop Attack/Troop Defense, look for the one with the highest percentage.

Commander’s recommendation for the Shadow Legion Invasion (Direct Troop Attack) event: Yi Seong-Gye, Edward of Woodstock RoKGenghis Khan, Cao Cao, Charles Martel, Guan Yu, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Alexander The Great, Aethelflaed, Sun Tzu, William I, Harald Sigurdsson, Saladin.
As for the defense of the fort or garrison, we have discussed previously: Garrison Commander recommendations, choose a commander who has special garrison skills to guard the city.

Shadow Legion Invasion Schedule: This is uncertain, but every time it appears it will appear on all kingdom servers. And of course, the civilization that becomes the enemy will be different every edition.

That’s it for our guide on tips & tricks on how to win the Shadow Legion Invasion event at Rise of Kingdoms or Shadow Legion Invasion so you can get attractive prizes.