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Is it true that Lilith's MaverickL Rise of Kingdoms Account?

RoK maverickL Rise of Kingdoms

When this article was written, the total power of MaverickL reached 1.3B aka 1,354,862,299. Obviously that’s a fantastic number for the size of Rise of Kingdoms, usually the sultan of all sultans who can achieve it, making him one of the “Artists” of RoK games.

MaverickL is fairly rare to interact with other users, even within his own alliance, many say he is quiet, doesn’t talk at all even in times of war.

He also frequently moved around the Kingdom, fond of migrating to and fro to change kingdoms. I don’t know what the goal is, it’s true that he joins the War at certain times, but many don’t like MaverickL because the war is calculating or stingy.

When compared to Ahmad Aziz and Baba TC Ataturk, MaverickL’s KP is only 3B. It’s not directly proportional to his power which reaches more than 1B, that’s why people are a bit annoyed when they have players like him who rarely fight in KVK.

MaverickL Lilith’s Staff Account?

Suspicions have actually arisen for a long time, that MaverickL is just an account created by Lilith as a RoK developer, to lure other users to top-up. Example: in the Zenith of Power event, it is said that the players are the peak of suspicion.
maverickL Lilith Rise of Kingdoms

Where MaverickL seems to be pushing power in the sultan’s full account, so that other players will also push and then top-up the bundle. Then he relented as if to let the other players win. Surprisingly, this incident kept repeating itself in various ranked events.

RoK players’ suspicions about MaverickL, Lilith’s insider, were further strengthened, after in 2022 one of Rise of Kingdom’s YouTubers mentioned this as if to lead public opinion and confirmed it.

Maverick Is Just An Ordinary User

Responding to accusations from the RoK community that he was involved and part of Lilith’s staff, MaverickL was forced to speak up. He once said at LKC, that he had indeed been endorsed by Lilith but that didn’t mean that all his hard work to upgrade to such a high power was given by Lilith.

“I won’t be wasting much time talking about this anymore, but if you think Lilith is giving unlimited Gems to my account, then I challenge you to prove it all. At least appreciate my efforts.” wrote MaverickL.

He also added his job as CEO of a health company and controls a company business engaged in insurance, clothing, electronics, culinary in Europe with his brother.

It’s only natural that MaverickL doesn’t have as much time as other players for war in KVK, people have high positions and a lot of business. So this seemed to answer the curiosity of the Rise of Kingdoms players who suspected that she was Lilith’s insider.