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Tips for getting the Rise of Kingdoms Lotus Skin F2P Jump Account

It feels incomplete if you play a Jumper account in Rise of Kingdoms but don’t get the Lotus skin or the original name “Hidden Lotus”. One of the CH skins in the RoK game that is much sought after by F2P and P2W.

So many people are targeting this RoK Lotus skin, even jump accounts that have succeeded in getting the skin can have a higher selling price than those who don’t get the skin.

how to get the rose of kingdoms skirt lotus skin

In addition, the high level of competition also seems to force players to spend money to top up several bundles, just for the lotus skin of Rise of Kingdoms.

Why is the RoK lotus skin much in demand

Basically, for me personally, there is nothing special about the Lotus skin. This skin with the name Hidden Lotus is of Epic rarity, not a Legendary Skin.

Regarding the buff, it’s only Cavalry Attack +5%, but with a -5% Archer Defense debuff. What makes it special and targeted by many players is that the shape and design style of this RoK skin is called one of the best for the Epic type.

In addition, for the early game, or in a newly formed kingdom, getting a CH skin is very different. If one day there is a Civil War, the CH skin buff will be very helpful.

The requirement to get the Rise of Kingdoms lotus skin is to reach the Power target of at least 1,500,000 within a limited time (about a week) after a kingdom is formed.

So how do you get the Rise of Kingdoms Lotus skin as F2P? Some tips based on the experience of the Kibezaka admin below might be able to help you.

Speedup Efficiency

Save and multiply speedups in your Jump account when you first create them. Don’t use speedup for useless things, especially Universal Speedup.

You can get lots of Speedups in various ways. Like beating barbarians, playing Fort, completing events in the initial kingdom and so on.

This speedup will be essential when targeting the RoK Lotus skin, because later you will speed up the process of upgrading buildings, researching technology in Acaremt and training troops.

Tip: Don’t use Universal Speedup for Training Troops below T4. Use speedup to upgrade buildings such as Gold Mine, Hospital and those that can make us increase power as much as possible. More details: Guide to Using Speedup RoK.

Join the Great Alliance

The biggest alliances in Jump accounts are usually formed in a project that was started through social media. Usually on Facebook, Discord, Reddit forums, there are many who make Rise of Kingdoms jumper projects.

Try to join them and become a part of their great alliance. Because in the biggest alliance there will be many top-up players, as a result other members will get chests.

Both Wooden Chests, Stone Chests, Bronze Chests, Iron Chests, Silver Chests and the most coveted Golden Chest will really help Jump RoK accounts to progress better. Listen: R4 Tasks in Rise of Kingdom.

Clear Tribal and Cave

Clean Tribal Village and Goa/Cave. For the beginning, my advice is to take Cave with Medium and High levels only. As we all know, there is a maximum limit for Cave’s total claims for each account character in Rise of Kingdoms.

So that later if you migrate or move KD, you can still get medium and high level Cave prizes in other kingdoms. Moreover, the Low level Cave prizes are not satisfactory.

Claim the Tribal Village too. My advice is to quickly clear the Tribal, just focus on one region/province until everything is finished and then the focus will be shifted to other areas.

Create a Low Spender RoK

There are players who are willing to remove the Minamoto icon to top up at the beginning of the game so they can get a Lotus skin for CH on RoK then stop top-up and become a full F2P after getting that skin.

If you are one of the Low Spender Rise of Kingdomd I mean, my advice: buy the Gems Supply bundle, Growth Fund, Speedup Supply.

Take advantage of the Courier Station

Tip: buy all items that can be exchanged for RSS, especially Speedups and EXP (Tome of Knowledge) books. If you have to use Gems, buy a discount of at least 70% or more.

Commander Power Upgrade

To increase the commander’s power, please increase all summoned commander levels to at least level 10 either using the Tome of Knowledge or hunting Barbarians and Guardians with other players.

No matter how small the increase in power from the commander will really help increase the overall power on your Rise of Kingdoms account to get the RoK Lotus skin.