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Pelagius Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

Commander of the Cavalry of Spanish origin, founder of the Kingdom of Asturias. Pelagius is an Epic tier commander in Rise of Kingdoms. With the nickname Unruly Revivalist, he has the Garrison skill to defend the city.

Pelagius is used less frequently than Belisarius and Baibars. That’s because there are no reliable characteristics of it.

pelagic rise of kingdoms wallpaper

However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used at all. Pelagius is very useful for F2P players and Low Spenders in the early game.

Tips for Playing Pelagius Rise of Kingdoms

Active Skill “Charge” : Deals direct damage to the target, and deals additional damage per second for the next 2 seconds. Restores Rage after normal attacks.

Passive Skill 1 “Founder of Asturias” : Increases Cavalry unit attack and cavalry unit defense.

Passive Skill 2 “Retaking Lost Territory” : Increases Garrison attack and Watchtower attack while this commander is the garrison commander.

Passive Skill 3 “The Mutineer” : Troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal some lightly injured units every second for 2 seconds.

Best Pelagius RoK Talent Build

This is the Pelagius Talent Tree, the ultimate Build for all PvP related battles.

Indonesia's best skirt pelagic talent

Skill paths give you rage regeneration, damage, damage reduction from opponents, and everything you need when attacking neutral units.

I recommend using almost all talent points to the skill path, including Pure Rage sometimes as it deals extra damage to neutral units while not taking too much counter damage.

Combo Pair The Strongest Commander Combo Pair

Pelagius – Cao Cao : For PvP in the early game, it is recommended to use Cao Cao behind Pelagius even though he is not yet an expert. Read more: Best Cao Cao RoK Guide.
Pelagius – Baibars : F2P is really friendly for the beginning of the game, fellow commanders with Cavalry skills do make this duet able to do high damage. Moreover, Baibars has an AOE that can hit 3 marches of enemy troops at once. Check: Best Baibars Talent Tree.
Pelagius – Belisarius : The fast runner, Belisarius’ skill can be relied on when we want to run away from battle or are chasing enemy troops. High mobility thanks to the Bucellarii skill is indeed very solid. Listen: Belisarius Rise of Kingdoms Best Talent.
Pelagius – Saladin : If you have a Saladin commander with 5-5-5-1 skill but don’t know who to partner with, then Pelagius could be the best option. Especially for F2P players whose commander choices are limited. Read also: Saladin’s Best Talent.

How to Get Commander Pelagius RoK

To get Pelagius in Rise of Kingdoms is very easy. If you start playing RoK, you use Spanish civilization, then you can get it right away.

Meanwhile, another way to summon Pelagius is through Expeditions using medal coins and Tavern (Silver Key & Gold Keys) in Rise of Kingdoms for free.