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Time-consuming Rise of Kingdoms R4 Tasks

Many players are curious about what R4’s tasks are in Rise of Kingdoms. My version of the answer: a lot. I will explain one by one based on the experience of playing RoK over the last 3 years.

For beginners who do not understand. R4 is Officers for the alliance. Each alliance has one slot for R5 (Leader), 8 slots for R4 (Officers), and R3, R2 and R1 unlimited aka not limited in capacity.

R4 Rise of Kingdoms RoK Tugas Tasks

Usually R1 to R3 is filled by alliance members whose number is around more than 100 players depending on how wide the alliance territory is which can determine member capacity.

There Are Many Tasks R4 Rise of Kingdoms

I share this based on experience. Maybe it will be different from you R4 alliances out there. However, now I am no longer a part of my R4 alliance.

I have resigned. Because being an R4 is not only time-consuming, but also mind-blowing. Especially if during diplomacy at KvK there were disagreements between allies. It should be discussed with all the Kingdom Councils.

Oh yes, this R4 task will not be much different from what we have discussed in the article: Kingdom Council RoK Tugas Duties. But I will explain more specifically and the rest in this post.

Register Alliance Members

Do you know, friends, if the R4 alliance is outside the game, it is also a toy with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Everyone has their own task.

For example, in this case, I was part of the data collection for each member. Since our alliance had 149 permanent members back then, it has now risen to 157.

Every time before KvK, one by one my members recorded total power, kill points, dead troops, number of alliance help, resource assistance (SDA/RSS assistance), and so on.

That’s all I did for a total of 149 people, mate, including R4 and R5 were also recorded, just imagine, don’t think about it, it’s hard to imagine. What’s the goal? Make a list of who contributed the most and not at all.

In KvK there will be a lot of war going on. So at the end of KvK later, or two months later, the data will be re-datad one by one again.

Players who have no contribution or whose contribution is minimal will be kicked by the Leader of the main alliance, which is full of GC and super active, to be replaced with newly migrated immigrants.

Already know tired, why do I keep doing it? Because at that time there was a dispute between the councils, so I was recruited to become R4 and do this task, I calculated that I would contribute a little while adding experience.

Organize AoO

Well, if this is not my part. This is another R4 task. But I can explain how R4 Rise of Kingdoms organizes AoO. Read: About the Ark of Osiris RoK . Event.

In essence, playing AoO requires a good strategy and solid player cohesiveness. An R4 in charge of managing AoO tactics must understand the characteristics of each player who will participate.

Like, for example, who will be the Rally Leader. Who will be in the top area, will go to the middle, then which player will lead the bottom.

Check commanders, VIPs, equipment of Rally and Garrison leaders. It all must be arranged as well as possible in order to get a win.

Expanding Territory

The alliance flag in the RoK game is not built carelessly, friend, in Rise of Kingdoms we have to build the Alliance Flag correctly and pay attention to Resource Points.

Now this Resource Point has something to do with the topic: Adding RoK Alliance SDA. So that the alliance has a lot of free natural resources for members that everyone can claim. Also helps alliances build forts & flags in the Lost Kingdom during KvK.

There is R4 who also specializes in completing this alliance flag building task. Obviously, this is not my job either.

Create a Natural Resources Center

Maybe this is an easy task. The SDA center is the RSS or RSS Pit point or Indo players usually call it the alliance barn. A place where all alliance members gather together to farm together for the same type of SDA.

Only R5 and R4 status members can build alliance resource centers. Therefore other members sometimes send chats in the Alliance Chatroom like “RSS Pit please”.

Organizing Events

In addition to Ark of Osiris, R4 must organize several RoK events such as Silk Road Rise of Kingdom, then Karuak Ceremony (when defeating bosses), to other events that require the solidarity of all players in an alliance.

The R4 and R5 must discuss determining the time when the event will start, what the strategy will be. Everything is typed and then sent and distributed via in-game mail to all alliance members.


The fact is that diplomacy in the RoK game is important. Especially in the early game when a new royal server is formed, R4 is expected to help R5 to carry out diplomacy with other alliances as well as possible.

The diplomacy is like determining the territory of each alliance, making certain rules in the kingdom, dividing the structure of the alliance building so that everyone gets the same buff more evenly.

If you have entered KvK, diplomacy is more difficult. Have to find allies and discuss the distribution of KvK rewards/gifts if you win. Then for the task of which kingdom do you attack, which part of their kingdom should attack. Everything is arranged behind the scenes.

Such is the task of R4 in Rise of Kingdoms which is not easy. Actually there are many more tasks and rarely known by other players.

For example, restocking items in the alliance shop that sometimes forgets, kicking out those offline in zone 4 and accepting incoming players during war in KvK.

But there are advantages and benefits to being an R4 alliance, namely: Automatically you will get KvK rewards if you win without having to go through the selection of individual honor points and other war statistics. Especially KvK 1-3. The KvK SoC is better thanks to the coalition system.

Besides, if we are close and have a good relationship with the Leader and King in the kingdom, we can apply for a good MGE rank.

Think of it as self-reward or a gift for yourself after dedicating time to your kingdom.

R4’s task in Rise of Kingdoms is not easy and takes a lot of time. Therefore as alliance members we must pay attention to every marker or marker that is directed by them.