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Tips for Farming Gems Quickly in Rise of Kingdoms

farming gems rise of kingdoms

Guide on how to get Gems Rise of Kingdoms quickly using the farming method. The most valuable SDA or resource in the RoK game is Gem, it is difficult to get it for free, unless we want to grind every day.

For the sultan, maybe if you need Gems, just top-up. But as F2P, sometimes we have to farm Gems first even though it’s a bit difficult and requires a lot of time.

There are many methods so that we can get free Gems in Rise of Kingdoms. Starting from the easiest, depending on luck, to the hardest against the sultans in RoK as competitors.

We will share tips based on personal experience to get a total of 4000+ Gems per day for free at Rise of Kingdoms as motivation for you.

Yes, I collected a total of over 242K Gems just from farming during KvK Season 2 which lasted 50 days. Not including Gems from event prizes, Chronicle, First time building occupation (Pass 4,5,6,7, Crusader Camp/Fortress, Hieron, Circle, Great Ziggurat), Golden Chest and so on.

As a result, now I can upgrade VIP 14 and Castle Level 25 for the first step to unlock T5 Troops troops. If you are also an F2P player, please check out this trick.

1. Zone 3 – Resources Nodes, or SDA levels near Lost Temple are really high and green. We have to go to zone three to find Gem node level 2 in Home Kingdom.

2. Constance and Matilda – Commander Constance & Matilda of Flanders who focuses on Gathering have additional skills in the form of Resource Bonus if they are Expertise, so when she finishes farming she will get a 10% SDA bonus when she returns to town. Use him to get extra Gems.

Note: Upgrade both commanders to level 40 and focus on the talent tree only in the Gathering section to maximize the bonus earned.

3. Cutting & Polishing Research – At the Academy you have to research the technology to a minimum of level 9 so that when the commander of farming Gems the duration is faster and shortened.

4. Lost Kingdom – During the KvK event, we can teleport to LK, where all SDA levels are high. Minimum level 5 for the lowest, and lv 3 for Gems.

As long as you are in the Lost Kingdom, all participating KDs and players will receive a 50% Gathering Speed ​​buff.

Especially if you are in an alliance that controls the Crusader Camp building with an additional 25% Gathering Speed ​​buff. Collect 10% Gathering Speed ​​runes at each sacred site of the Crusader Fortress/Camp building.

For KvK Season 1 and Season 2 only, it is recommended that during the first 3 weeks of KvK, you only farm Gems in Zone 4. Given that war can occur at any time and your troops can be attacked while farming SDA.

You can also pick up Runes in the form of Gathering Speed ​​Buffs at Crusader Camp, Sanctuary, Hieron or Crusader Fortress. In addition, also ask your King / King about the Kingdom Buff Gathering Speed ​​when it is activated.

Trick: Bring troops more than Gem Node capacity. For example one Gems Node level 3 contains 30 Gems, then you have to bring 800 T1 Siege Troops, bring more than that, for example I am 35 thousand troops per Queue/March.

A day can collect 800-1000 Gems per Marches. If you use 5 Marches then just multiply the total. On holidays you can get even more. When there is a March commander who is almost finished in a Gem Node, then immediately look for the next Gem, don’t just let it go back to town.

It’s like the word wandering, the troops are looking for Gems. The problem? there must be, there are many competitors who want to farm Gems while on the one hand the number of SDA Gem points is limited. Moreover, it is not uncommon for players without ethics to not appreciate the first line or the line to the resource point.

Tips: Create a farm account on RoK, one is enough. If four is better and can focus on each SDA namely Food, Wood, Stone and Gold. So that the troop queue in the main account is focused on farming Gems only.

I myself have 4 farm accounts and 1 main account in one Kingdom. The main account is for Farming Gems, playing Barbarian Fort, collecting alliance coins (Slow Build Flags), hunting for Guardians, and much more. Also check: Recharge Rewards schedule for you Low Spenders in the RoK game.

That was our guide on how to get Gems in Rise of Kingdoms for free quickly using the most effective Gem Farming methods and special commanders.