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This is Marquinhos PSG's Account at Rise of Kingdoms

marquinhos rise of kingdoms kd

RoK friends may be familiar that Rise of Kingdoms is a game played by the sultans. Starting from successful entrepreneurs such as BABA TC Ataturk, President Jokowi’s son-in-law, to Brazilian footballer, Marquinhos.

Yes, Marquinhos is known to be a fan of the Rise of Kingdoms game with a nickname in the game called “Mocote5”. The player who plays as a defender for the PSG club became the center of attention after successfully bringing his alliance “WIB!” advance to the final of the Osiris League.

Unfortunately, in the grand final of Realm of Bastet his alliance was defeated by 60GT from the #1960 kingdom with a score of 32,997 vs 41,868. Marquinhos played Rise of Kingdoms for quite a while since two years ago.

Even though he was busy competing with PSG and the Brazilian national team, Mocote5 didn’t let his guard down. He is always present whenever there is free time to join the war at the Lost Kingdom event.

In an interview at the in-game forum held by Lilith Games as a developer, Marquinhos admitted that he prefers to spend his holidays playing ROK games. He also often takes the opportunity to check his smartphone.

“In between training, I often take my cellphone. The first application I open is Rise of Kingdoms. I have always been committed to the kingdom where I am that I am ready to help them fight.” he said.

Previously Marquinhos played on the Kingdom #1384 server. He has just migrated to #1846 and when this article was written he was even ranked first in the standings for the Individual Honor Point KvK Heroic Anthem.

Many suspect that Marquinhos used the services of a jockey to push individual points, considering that we know his profession which has a busy training schedule and matches. Plus individual push points in KvK take a lot of time. So the player’s guess is considered reasonable.

Because there was an oddity when Marquinhos played against Argentina in the 2022 Copa America ago, his account was known to be active again with Barbarian.

When asked how much it cost to top-up the game Rise of Kingdoms, Marquinhos replied that he didn’t count it. But it’s enough to relieve fatigue.

As a European club soccer player with a high salary, it certainly makes most governors in the Rise of Kingdoms community wonder. But Marquinhos still refused to answer.

“Essentially if most of my friends get rid of their fatigue by ‘drinking’, then for me to just log into Rise of Kingdoms, greet the family in the alliance and do events with them. That’s more than happy.” he added.

The total power of Marquinhos as of this writing is 367,925,457, with 60 commanders who have reached Expertised, including Legend commanders, all of them are at their maximum, it’s fantastic. The civilization used is Germany / Germany, indicating that he is a specialist Cavalry player.

The existence of Marquinhos in Rise of Kingdoms always makes opposing players feel challenged to defeat the kingdom he is in. Not infrequently the man who is from the Samba country is familiar with RoK residents by interacting in LKC (Lost Kingdom Chat) as well.