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How to Overcome Can't Login Rise of Kingdoms

If you enter this article, you may experience that you cannot login to Rise of Kingdoms. Lately, there have been many cases of failing to log into their RoK accounts for various reasons.

I myself have saved several screenshots uploaded by the governors of Rise of Kingdom in the Facebook group and then asked one by one the solution to the VIP Customer Service on WhatsApp Lilith Games.

can't login rise of kingdoms
There are many cases where I can’t login, especially in Rise of Kingdoms PC version. Some of them are mostly due to internet network problems, overloaded servers, to accounts that are automatically banned by the system.

Solution Can’t Login Rise of Kingdoms

The solution is clearly different. It depends on the reason and the notification that appears when you try to login to your RoK account.

Rise of Kingdoms Account Banned

Lilith is starting to resolutely now discourage the use of bots in Rise of Kingdoms for a fairer playing environment. That’s why many players get fined indiscriminately.

Even the sultan’s account, which was judged to be using bots, was banned. Even when he sends SDA/RSS to other players who don’t know anything, those players will also get sap.

This Rise of Kingdoms account banned case appears when my friend wants to log in. Likewise, with different durations, some are banned for 3 days, a week, a month to 5 years.

An appeal is the only way, but if evidence of a violation is found, you should buy or create a new Rise of Kingdoms account.

Network and Connection Problems

The most common experienced players are Network Issues or internet network problems. It’s not just Indonesian users, yes, from South Korea and Japan, which are famous for their fast internet, this is often the case.

It is known that the problem is due to opening another application when you want to login to Rise of Kingdoms. Many say it’s better not to open another app if you want to play RoK, so that the internet connection load and Ping is stable, especially during a war.

Server Restriction RoK

Rise of Kingdoms or Server Restriction server restrictions prevent players from logging in. Usually players who try the Public Beta version for RoK PC, fail to log in to the account because the trial or the server used for the experiment has closed again.

The only way to solve this Rise of Kingdoms unable to login is to reinstall the RoK PC version application.