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3 Ways to Overcome Rise of Kingdoms Network Timeout

It’s fun farming Gems, verification rewards appear. When I wanted to verify it turned out to be an error. This failure to verify in RoK often occurs for various reasons and that’s why I made this article How to Overcome the Rise of Kingdoms Network Timeout.

Indeed, the verification reward process will appear at least once per day in the Rise of Kingdoms game. This aims to prevent the use of third-party plugins that players use to cheat or bulldoze bots.

network timeout rise of kingdoms

Incidentally, I just experienced this Network Timeout. Whereas previously the verification process was always smooth without taking long, less than a minute. Captcha that appears even rarely misses.

Then what causes the Network Timeout error in Rise of Kingdoms? And how to solve RoK Network Timeout? Listen to the end.

Cause of Network Timeout RoK

There are several things that cause the Rise of Kingdoms Network Timeout to Run out. Like for example a bad internet connection, there is interference with the provider or cellular operator that you are using.

Connection – I didn’t know at first, but it turns out that the Indihome WiFi network that I’m using has experienced problems where some websites that use Cloudflare acceleration can’t be used, one of which is Discord.

When I opened the group, it turned out that many Rise of Kingdoms players from Indonesia were experiencing Network Timeouts as well. I assume they use the same Wi-Fi provider.

I immediately looked for a solution myself. Because no one really knows how to solve it, asking for Customer Service is useless, it will be answered in a week at most.

How to Overcome Rise of Kingdoms Network Timeout

What I tried to do: Restart HP, didn’t work. Clear Cache, failed too. On-off airplane mode, still can’t. Until finally my suspicions regarding Indihome were proven.

I moved the network from WiFi to mobile data cellular, using a Tri card. It worked. So for those of you who are experiencing Network Timeout in Rise of Kingdoms, my advice is to try changing the connection to another cellular provider first.


Unfortunately not all users are successful. Even though I’ve switched networks from WiFi to cellular data, the Network Timeout Out notification still appears.

The steps that must be taken are: Use a VPN. Whatever VPN you have on your cellphone, activate it immediately. My advice is to use the DNS application, it’s quite easy, just slide the toggle ON right away.

Change APN

For friends who use local provider cellular data, try checking the APN settings in HP settings. Usually the default APN makes the network less stable so that the game playing process is not smooth.

For Tri users, replace APN with username and password to “3data” (without quotes). For Telkomsel, XL Axis, Smartfren and Indosat IM3 users, you can directly ask the CS for each provider. For users by.U see: Best byU APN Settings.

Finally, if some of the methods on how to overcome the Network Timeout Rise of Kingdoms earlier have not been able to solve network problems, uninstall and install again.