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Silk Road Rise of Kingdoms Schedule: RoK Event for F2P

Since Silk Road Rise of Kingdoms is appearing in my kingdom again, I will share tips to get maximum rewards from this most anticipated RoK event.

It is known that Silk Road with Ark of Osiris, then MTG, and Karuak Ceremony are events that are highly anticipated by players. Especially F2P players, because the prizes are tempting.
skirt event silk road rise of kingdoms

Silk Road Rise of Kingdoms Explanation

Your main objective here is to protect the Alliance Caravan, the group that transports goods from the Alliance Fortress to a specific destination. Usually I go to the Resource Point.

To start the event, open the Silk Road menu on the event page and select the mode you want to try (Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare or Hell) then press Challenge.

Starting this event takes around 100,000 gold Alliance Credits to start the Challenge.

You also have to choose a starting point, which is one of your Alliance Fortresses. Make sure to choose a starting point that is close to where the majority of the alliance members are located.

Play Silk Road RoK

The Alliance Caravan will appear as soon as R4/R5 or an alliance official starts it, right next to the Fort and will start moving slowly towards the destination RSS Point.

Easy Mode is the easiest, taking about 15 minutes for the Caravan to get to its destination. The more difficult the mode, the longer it will take.

During the transport process, there will be enemies that appear randomly around and try to attack the Caravan. The closer you get to the goal, the more enemies will be present.

Please hit all the opposing Barbarians as soon as possible, to prevent them from destroying the Alliance Caravan. Pay attention to every square on the map.

Changing the Silk Road Event RoK Level Level

I see that some are confused as to why the alliance can only play Silk Road Rise of Kingdoms in Normal mode at maximum. In fact, you have to complete a level that has never been completed.

For example this month Silk Road appears, complete the highest available mode for example Easy. After Easy mode finishes, Normal mode will be unlocked at the next Silk Road event and so on.

Schedule When Silk Road RoK Appears

As far as I know Silk Road Rise of Kingdom appears about once every 3 weeks. The date is clearly different for each kingdom, but what is certain is that the old KD will get the event first.

This Silk Road prize is great, try to get 50000 individual points every chance. There are a total of 3 times the chance to send an alliance Caravan.

Now for every 50k points, you will get 2 Gold Heads or Gold Statues, so a maximum of each event will get 6 Legendary Sculptures. Not including other prizes such as Speedup, Gold Key, Action Point.

To get 50 thousand individual points, you only need to bring 2 queues of troops. One must be close to the Caravan and be in a circle, the other focus on the clash with the enemy attacking the Caravan.

So as much as possible if there is a Silk Road Rise of Kingdoms event in your kingdom, it’s a good idea to participate. This event cannot be done and completed alone, must be united as members of one alliance.