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Update 1.0.53 Event 7k Gems Rise of Kingdoms Christmas Special

It doesn’t feel right now Patch 1.0.53 Rise of Kingdoms will be here. It feels like just yesterday the Halloween 1.0.51 update, indeed now the Holiday RoK event is closer, right.
When it comes to the RoK Holiday Event, there are two differences. Namely 5k Gems and 7k Gems. If it was Halloween last month, the 5k Gems edition with City Skin, War Equipment/Equipment, Palbot or Gold Head prizes had to use 1000 Gems per palbot.
event 7k gems rise of kingdoms rok patch

Meanwhile, the upcoming Christmas edition is 7000 Gems. It’s actually easy to guess, because during the 3 years I’ve been playing RoK, these two events have always been present alternately every 2-3 months.

In addition to launching events with attractive rewards, there are several feature updates and bug fixes by Lilith as the developer and manager of Rise of Kingdoms. Kibezaka’s summary is as follows.

Ode to The Stars Christmas Event 7k Gems Rise of Kingdoms

Christmas is back with lots of happy letters. Time to prove that Santa Claus is real.

The reason for the excitement arises because of a series of exciting new events including:

Cristmas Letter Saga: Enjoy a return to the happy times inspired by the seasons in a new Christmas-themed story with 3 commanders.

Frost Covenant: Complete missions for 7 days to win big prizes.

Magic Snowman: Decorate and adorable Snowman in exchange for various cool gifts.

Astral Gifts: Collect Christmas stockings/socks to get Snowballs.

Thief in the Night (Thief in the Night): Drive out the bandits to take their treasure.

Team Draw: Have fun drawing cards to win awesome prizes with other governors.

Race Against Time: Who can eliminate the most barbarians in a short amount of time?

Christmas Wishes (Christmas Wishes): Send gifts, spread happiness.

Recharge Rewards: Do you like top ups? Or only top-up at certain times? Then the moment of the Top Up Prize must be maximized. Read: Tips for Recharge Rewards RoK.

All events will appear within a week after the Patch update. See Event calendar for detailed schedule.

Event Upgrade

Champions of Olympia – Lilith has listened to the governor’s input and suggestions carefully and shortened the duration of each match. We’ve also added a new map and improved the execution of the “Revive” skill.

Other Optimization

They have improved the shield trigger mechanism (Shield Trigger) so troops protected by several different shields will now always use the best shield.

Improved email system with a limit of 1000 messages that can be permanently archived. (Be sure to pass this on to any Rise of Kingdoms governor who may have missed an important message!).

This 7k Gems Rise of Kingdoms event is also much awaited by players. The prizes are attractive, especially the 35 Legendary Sculptures.