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Post Zeroed: Tips After Hitting Zero in Rise of Kingdoms

If you have read the Glossary of Rise of Kingdoms page, you may be familiar with the words “Zero” or “Zeroed“Yes. Many players have experienced being hit by Zero in the RoK game.

If my friend is hit by Zero, it means that your city / city is usually attacked by a stronger or equivalent account, the attacks are carried out continuously until all the troops and RSS / SDA in your city are gone.

the meaning of zeroed skirt means zero rise of kingdoms

Most players hit by Zero have their city attacked unconsciously or without their knowledge. For example, it often happens in Lost Kingdom aka KvK events.

When your city was safe because it was in the territory of the alliance, but you fell asleep without knowing the progress of the battle which resulted in the defeat of your KD / alliance.

The Crusader flag, which was killed by the enemy until it collapsed, made your city unsafe because it was no longer in the territory and the opponent could attack at any time. The attack usually begins with a Rally, containing over 2 million combined troops to the targeted city.

When the results of the Rally attack are complete, the target city will be Scouted to see if there are still troops and SDA/RSS left. If it is considered that there is still an army left, then it will continue to be attacked until Zero alias Zero.

Including RSS, players can loot or take SDA for free, usually using the Siege troop type to be able to loot Resources at once in large quantities.

Zeroed Players Occur More Often in KvK

KvK in Rise of Kingdoms takes up a lot of player time. So it’s not surprising that some have taken days off from work to maintain the dignity and dignity of their Kingdom so that they focus on winning the war in LK.

There are two kinds of reasons why someone gets hit by Zero in Rise of Kingdoms. First, because he neglected to be in the battle zone when going offline, he forgot to install a bubble / Peace Shield or move the city to a safe zone with Territorial Teleport.

Well, the second one is usually at zero of the Kingdom’s own friends on the orders of the Kingdom Council. It could be because he violated the royal regulations, so he had to accept the punishment. Also read: The King’s Duties in Rise of Kingdoms.

The most common occurrence in the home kingdom is barbarian players sneaking into the MGE event whose order of winners has been determined by the Council. This often happens in various KDs.

Sometimes also if there is a Civil War RoK, then anyone has the potential to be hit by Zero by other players. That’s why it’s recommended that you have as many Peace Shield items in stock as possible and only use them when you need them.

After Hit Zero, What To Do?

If my friend is a P2W who diligently top-up, maybe not a big problem. But for F2P and Low Spender, losing troops and RSS in large numbers especially without knowing it will be painful.

Therefore, what can be done is to heal the remaining troops in the Hospital. Then if you want to train new troops, for F2P using Speedup Training Troops, just focus on one type of troop.

Don’t be careless when training troops, wait for the Training Day, Now or Never or Game of Power events that require you to spend Speedup Rise of Kingdoms.
Because when there is an event, usually the King activates the Kingdom Buff in the form of 10% training speed, then look for Rune Training Speed ​​which is 10% or 15% better, ask for the Duke title for an additional 10% buff. Just use your speedup. I personally prefer to wait for events like: Zenith of Power RoK.

If you are in an old kingdom that has entered the KvK Season of Conquest, you are lucky, because at the end of the KvK season, usually dead troops will return with a 50% return ratio. That’s one of the advantages of the SoC compared to KvK 1, 2 and 3 which have a lower ratio.

Although Rise of Kingdoms is a relaxed game and tends to require no skills, you have to use logic to set strategies because this is an RTS game. You have to know when to retreat, attack, use all kinds of items appropriately. Including avoiding the potential of being hit by Zero.