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Three Heroes Must Pick After the New Patch, So Very Strong!

Three Heroes Must Pick After the New Patch, So Very Strong!

The new Mobile Legends patch for April 2022 does look insignificant. There are only a few buff and nerf heroes that are presented. The rest there are only many events presented by Mobile Legends.

Even so, it turns out that there are three heroes who become strong and must be picked up after the new patch. Who are these heroes? Check out the full explanation, Spinners.

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Revamp Akai Mobile Legends

Akai gets a revamp that can be said to be a success. This hero is back on the rise after the revamp because the damage is so big. Even now he can be a jungler.

This effective change made him even stronger than before. So, before being hit by a nerf or adjustment, you better use this one hero first.

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Even though the change looks small, it is 10% of his passive. It turns out that this hero is getting stronger. From starting to jungling (if you become a jungler) to the damage to the opponent will be felt.


Natan MLBB's New Skin

Nathan before the patch didn’t sell very well because the damage had been completely nerfed. However, after the patch the performance has improved slightly and has made it quite attractive now. The damage increases slightly as the attributes and physical attack growth increase.

Those are the three Mobile Legends heroes that must be picked up after the new patch, these three heroes proved to be strong after getting the buff from Mobile Legends.

Is there your favorite hero in this list? You can write in the comments column yes.

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