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Trick Rank 1 Event 515 Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends Without Bots

How do you get rank 1 in the 515 Carnival Party event? Here’s the rank 1 trick for the 515 Yellow Diamond Mobile Legends event without bots at all.

The 515 Carnival Party event became a very welcome event for Mobile Legends players, because at this event players can get an item called Diamond Kuning.

The yellow diamond item itself is arguably an ordinary diamond in general but can only be used for a certain time.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

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Regarding that, the players are all vying for rank 1 in the 515 event, because the higher your rank, the more yellow diamonds you can have.

And SPIN Esports has a rank 1 trick in the 515 Carnival Party Mobile Legends event without using bots.

Complete All Missions

515 ML

The majority of players will definitely not complete all the missions in the 515 Carnival Party event, especially the missions that require them to top up.

Now that could be your chance to run the mission so you can get additional points at the 515 event.

Take Advantage of Smurf Accounts (If Any)

Mobile Legends Smurf Account, Mobile Legends History

Then you have to use your smurf account to help points in the main account. Of course, the majority of MLBB players have smurf accounts and that can be used for this event.

Also keep in mind that your smurf account only has 1 chance to help, so try the help you provide for the main account when the main account meets very serious players in this 515 event.

Join Mabar Group

Easy way to get savage

Finally, the most powerful trick is to join the Mobile Legends mabar group, this can allow you to help each other and avoid event fraud.

SPIN Esports also has a large MLBB group, if you want to join, let’s join. Those are some tricks that you can use to become rank 1 in the 515 Mobile Legends event.

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