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When & at what events can you get the Evo Gun MP5 Platinum Invinity FF?

When & at what event will the Evo Gun MP5 FF with the Platinum Invinity title be present?

Evo Gun is one of the coolest weapon skin types in Free Fire (FF). That’s because the appearance is guaranteed to be cool, and this skin is the only type of skin that can evolve.

Yep, as the name implies, the Evo Gun can evolve and increase its abilities according to the level upgrade that the player has done.

Well, after waiting since the last time the Evo Gun Famas Demonic Grin arrived, now this cool skin is said to be coming back to Free Fire in the near future.

The type of Evo Gun that was brought was no less interesting, namely the Evo Gun MP5 Platinum Invinity, whose presence had been leaked since last month.

Want to know when and where the Evo Gun MP5 Platinum Invinity FF will be available? Come on, check out the leaks in the following article, Spinners!

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When is the Evo Gun MP5 Platinum Invinity FF Coming?

As we have leaked in the previous article, that this Evo Gun will be present in an SMG type weapon, namely the MP5.

This Evo Gun comes with a gold, silver, black, and winged display at its maximum level.

This skin titled Platinum Divinity looks very cool with the design and effects it produces. So, for those of you who collect cool gun skins on Free Fire, it’s a shame to miss this skin.

Like the Evo Gun in general, the MP5 Platinum Divinity will evolve according to its level. You can upgrade the skin up to a maximum of level 7.

The cool thing about the Evo Gun this time is that players can get it in the latest Faded Wheel event, where players need diamonds to spin.

As quoted from YouTube Kulgar, players can start getting or doing spins in Luck Royale starting 2 days from now, April 16, 2022 to be exact.

However, keep in mind that the Evo Gun that you get is only in the form of a Level 1 Evo Gun, and players cannot take full advantage of all the features of the weapon.

To be able to get various exclusive features in the Evo Gun, you are required to raise the Evo Gun Level which can be done by buying Evo Gun Tokens or Evo Gun Crate Tokens.

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That’s a little information about the release of the Evo Gun MP5 which is finally here on the Free Fire Indonesia server. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.