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This is Hilda's Counter Hero in Pro Player's Mobile Legends, Really Powerful!

This is Hilda’s Counter Hero in Pro Player’s Mobile Legends, Really Powerful!

After getting the buff, Hilda is now one of the fighters/tanks that her opponents are starting to fear in the Land of Dawn.

This is because Hilda has high mobility and durability from her passive which is able to regenerate HP as well as deadly damage when the stack she needs is fully charged.

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Interestingly, now you don’t have to worry if you have to meet the hero in Mobile Legends because one of the former pro players, AURA Tezet, gives tips against Hilda.

The analyst from AURA Fire finally recommended the three most effective heroes to counter Hilda in the Land of Dawn.

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The first hero recommended by Tezet is Valir, a mage hero who has the ability to block Hilda’s movements.

With a combination of skill 2 attacks and Valir’s skill 1, the hero is able to push Hilda while simultaneously giving a stun effect which makes it difficult to riot against the opponent’s buff.


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Dealing with Hilda who has high durability is certainly a problem that needs attention.

Karrie can certainly be a solution because the hero is known as the MM destroyer of tanks with true damage which he has.

This will certainly make Hilda lose her durability which will make the hero easy to kill.


Hylos ML

Hylos became another best counter hero to overcome Hilda who was quite troublesome in the Land of Dawn.

This hero is indeed quite effective to ward off Hilda because it is able to break the hero’s high mobility by giving a stun effect through skill 1 while providing a slow effect with Hylos’ ultimate.

So, that’s Hilda’s best line of counter heroes currently in Mobile Legends according to AURA Tezet. Interested in trying Spinners?

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