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Recommended Build for Harley Jungler Tank by Pro Player!

Recommended Build for Harley Jungler Tank by Pro Player!

Harley is one of the heroes that is rarely seen since the existence of Radiant Armor. This item does slightly reduce Ultimate Harley’s pain so that it becomes less pronounced.

But recently Harley is back in the picks. One of them was by pro player Alter Ego Kidsz when he met AURA Esports at MDL ID Season 5.

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The surprising thing is that the build made is a Tank like Karina. Is it effective? Of course yes, Harley can still do considerable damage with the help of his teammates but it is very difficult to pick-off because it is thick.

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Build Harley Jungler Tank

Curious what items are used? This is the Harley Jungler Tank Build in the style of AE Kidsz.

Build Harley Jungler Tank
source: YT MDL Indonesia

  • Emblem: Demon Slayer (Sawi)
  • Spell: Ice Retribution

Build Items:

  • Tough Boots
  • Thunder Belt
  • Twilight Armor
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Antique Cuirass
  • Immortality

First there are Tough Boots to reduce the opponent’s CC, so he is not easily picked off at the beginning of the game.

Second, there is the Thunder Belt, where this item has great true damage even though the defense item can also add damage from Harley (like Karina).

The next item is Twilight Armor which can now provide additional magic damage of 20 + 5% Extra HP of the opponent, the thicker the opponent, the greater the damage.

Furthermore, to avoid pick-offs, there is a Guardian Helmet which has high regen and large HP.

For Assassin opponents like Lancelot, you must use this item like Kidsz’s Harley build.

Finally, for the late game, you can make Immortality items that are safe enough to avoid death due to being picked-off, Harley needs to come closer to maximize his Ultimate and skill 1.

That’s the Harley jungler Tank build that is currently being used. You can really try this for variations. It turns out that not only Karina the Mage hero is suitable for using tank items, in fact Harley can too.

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