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Easy! This is how to get the Epic Zilong skin for free from Mobile Legends

Easy! This is how to get the Epic Zilong skin for free from Mobile Legends

Welcoming the celebration of event 515, Mobile Legends often distributes many free gifts to loyal fans of the film.

Starting from diamond promos to epic skins, of course you can get them for free just by playing Mobile Legends.

Cheap MLBB Diamonds

Interestingly, they will also share many epic skins for free, one of which is Zilong “Glorious General” very easily.

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Just Guess Hero Godiva

To be able to get Zilong’s cool epic skin, you yourself only need to guess the hero used by AURA Godiva when dealing with EVOS REKT.

Therefore, here are the procedures for you to get a chance to win Zilong’s epic skin for free.

  1. Write your answer in the comments column
  2. Like and share this post
  3. Tag 3 of your friends so they don’t miss the fun!

For those of you who participated in the MPL ID Season 9 event, of course, this question is a fairly easy question to answer.

In addition, the silhouette used has also described the hero used by AURA Fire’s flagship roster some time ago when facing EVOS Legends.

This contest itself will last until April 21 and the winners will be directly contacted by the official Mobile Legends Instagram account via DM.

With very easy requirements and questions, of course there is no reason for you not to take part in the contest, Spinners!

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