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These are the Teams Who Benefit From The New Patch According To The AURA Fire Trainer!

These are the teams that will benefit from the new patch according to the AURA Fire coach

AURA Fire managed to pack a very fast 2-0 win over Bigetron Alpha in the sixth week of MPL ID Season 9.
This victory certainly cannot be separated from AURA Fire which is considered to be the team that benefits the most thanks to the patch changes that occurred in Mobile Legends.

This of course makes Reza Pahlevi’s squad now at the top of the standings while MPL ID Season 9 is closely tied to RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports.

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Reveals Other Teams Who Benefit The Most

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After his victory over BTR Alpha, Reza Pahlevi as the head coach of AURA Fire did not deny that his squad had benefited from this patch change.

This is indeed because AURA Fire itself is quite well known as the META Tank Jungler which he often uses even before the latest patch is released.

Until finally Reza Pahlevi leaked another team that benefited greatly from the presence of the latest Mobile Legends patch this time.

“RRQ, yes, RRQ is never weak, it’s always strong,” said the AURA Fire coach to SPIN Esports while attending the MPL ID Season 9 media interview.

In addition, Reza also revealed the unique side of RRQ Hoshi who became the most consistent team throughout the MPL ID.

“The unique thing about RRQ is that its adaptation is always fast because the quality of the players is one step better than ours,” he added.

Interestingly, the two teams will meet tomorrow in a match that is certainly very decisive for the fight for the upper bracket slot.

So, that’s another team that will benefit from the latest patch besides AURA Fire according to the team’s coach.

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