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Alberttt Reveals New Patch Benefit RRQ Hoshi For This Reason!

Alberttt Reveals New Patch Benefit RRQ Hoshi For This Reason!

RRQ Hoshi can be said to be successful in playing on the new patch because of the unusual pick heroes. You could even say it was the first time for Alberttt to use Baxia jungler. If it’s High then it’s not a big surprise.

But considering that this hero gets a buff and is proven effective, it’s not too surprising.

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New Patch Profits Alberttt For This Reason

After the match against Geek Fam, RRQ Alberttt who was met through a brief interview with the MPL team revealed that the new patch benefits his team, especially for this reason.

RRQ Albertt
source: YT MLBB

“This is really my patch because I play Tank, I really am. (For Assassins) it can still be used, actually, it just wasn’t removed,” said RRQ Alberttt.

The new patch benefits Alberttt because he plays the Tank hero. It is proven that Alberttt is very strong when using Baxia jungler.

After the patch, on average, Tank heroes get buffs and what’s interesting is that RRQ played two retributions with the other one being played by Vyn with Masha’s hero.

Indeed, the Tank hero gets a big buff and is very different from the previous patch which prioritizes Assassin or Fighter junglers.

Even on the explaner side, Grock is played with the latest build, namely Physical Attack. It’s even more interesting to see that many teams have shown changes to meet the new patch that is present in Mobile Legends.

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