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Element Band and Kla Project Release Their Hits in NFT Form

The band Element and Kla Project re-released their hit songs in the form of NFT. In accordance with the concept, this song can only be heard if you buy it through a special NFT marketplace.

The existence of the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) has indeed been used by a number of musicians in the world to release their latest works in the form of digital tokens, one of which is Snoop Dogg.

Not wanting to be left behind, the legendary bands from Indonesia, Element and Kla Project, have also dived into the world of NFT by re-releasing their songs which were famous at that time.

Element and Kla Project Use NFT as a Media to Release Their Hits

In making this latest innovation, the two bands collaborated with Pinot, an artist from New York who often creates digital artworks with a very strong character. Pinot has previously collaborated with Childish Gambino, Twenty One Pilots, and Fatboy Slim.

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NFT KLa x Pinot and NFT Element x Pinot also synergize with BeKind. Launching from Beritasatu, BeKind is the first blockchain project in Indonesia to develop a strong and scalable social impact/donation ecosystem, where the platform is transparent.

“This NFT is an initiative that we fully support. We brought together the KLa Project and Element Band with Pinot to produce a musical and visual work in the form of NFT. We hope that the NFT generated from their collaboration can bring goodness to social activities in Indonesia,” said Fajar Jasmi, CEO of BeKind as quoted from Red and white.

Element and Kla Project NFT
Photo: Ball

Element will re-release its flagship, entitled ‘The Power of Love’ with a visual display created by Pinot. Element will also include the sound of Lucky Widja with the latest mixing and mastering process.

Meanwhile, the song that was used as NFT by Kla Project was ‘Yogyakarta’. Anyway, this techno pop genre song has been included in the list of the 150 Best Indonesian Songs of All Time’ version of Rolling Stones magazine, you know, guys. Cool, right?

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You can find this NFT in the OpenSea marketplace with the keyword BeKind_NFTbaik. Later, most of the proceeds from the sale will be given to BeKind for a social action entitled NFTbaik.