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There's a Mountain Bike in PUBG Mobile, Here's the Response from BTR Ryzen!

There’s a Mountain Bike in PUBG Mobile, Here’s the Response from BTR Ryzen!

PUBG MOBILE has officially entered version 1.9 in mid-March 2022 last. This latest version is very special because it is also present to coincide with the 4th anniversary PUBG MOBILEwith a grand celebration entitled “Vibrant Anniversary“.

While enjoying the birthday party atmosphere, players can also try out various new features, one of which is Mountain bike available in mode Ranked Vibrant Anniversary on the game map Erangel and Livik.

The presence of the new vehicle invites a positive response from the community PUBG MOBILEincluding from rusher Bigetron Red AliensMuhammad “Ryzen“Albi.

Happy With Bikes

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Through a short interview together PUBG MOBILERyzen expressed his response regarding the presence of the one-passenger vehicle in patch 1.9 PUBG MOBILE.

First, Ryzen is pleased with the presence of mountain bikes in PUBG MOBILE which he considers unique and makes the playing experience even more exciting. In addition, he also praised a number of advantages of mountain bikes that make it more practical than other vehicles.

“Idea cute and interesting I don’t think there are bicycles in PUBG MOBILE now. The vehicle too good for rotation because It doesn’t use gasoline, it’s not noisy, it can be stored in a bag, and it can’t be destroyed,” said the young man who is familiarly called “Abi”.

However, no matter how great a feature is, there are definitely weaknesses. Ryzen reveals that there are several flaws that make this vehicle not overpowered and stay balanced.

BTR RA Difficulty Ryzen Not Fit

Not OP (Overpowered) really, because the speed is also slower than other vehicles, so it’s difficult to use it to hit people. It’s also very open, so the user is easy to shoot,” he added.

Mountain bikes can be tried by all players who have updated the application PUBG MOBILE to version 1.9. Have you tried the vehicle and agree with Ryzen’s opinion?

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