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Get to know Maesh, a Knight with Hybrid Skill Ability in Lokapala!

Get to know Maesh, a Knight with Hybrid Skill Ability in Lokapala!

An undefeated fighter, that’s Ma’esh. He was even able to defeat the gods, although he had to use cunning ways to trick them.

With Maesh’s ability to deceive his opponents with shadow magic, he easily deceives the Gods. Then sneak in and beat them.

Not only because he could defeat the gods, but the inability to be defeated by humans, made him worthy of being called a strong fighter.

His goal is to rule over the world of mankind and heaven. He has 4 abilities including Anahata, Spiteful Chain, Orb of Zamza and Tejobhiru.

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Ma’esh Skiils

Anahata (physical)

Photo via Lokapala

Every 1 point of Max MP maesh adds more 1 point to his HP.

Spiteful Chain (magical)

Photo via Lokapala

Ma’esh binds and traps one of these enemies in his area, dealing 250 (+100% AP) Magical Damage for 2 seconds.

  • Level 1 (250 damage, 15 cooldown and 100 manacost)
  • Level 2 (damage 300, cooldown 14.6 and manacost 120)
  • Level 3 (damage 350, cooldown 14.2 and manacost 140)
  • Level 4 (damage 400, cooldown 13.8 and manacost 160)
  • Level 5 (damage 450, cooldown 13.4 and manacost 180)
  • Level 6 (damage 500, cooldown 13 and manacost 200)

Orb of Zamza (magical)

Photo via Lokapala

Ma’esh casts his dark magic to heal nearby allies every 400 seconds for 2 seconds. Enemies in this area take 70 (+100% AP) magical damage and movement speed is reduced by 30% for 2 seconds. This skill does not heal team minions.

  • Level 1 (heal 30, damage pertik 70, cooldown 14 and manacost 80)
  • Level 2 (heal 40, damage pertik 80, cooldown 13, 7 and manacost 100)
  • Level 3 (heal 50, damage pertik 90, cooldown 13.4 and manacost 120)
  • Level 4 (heal 60, damage pertick 100, cooldown 13.1 and manacost 140)
  • Level 5 (heal 70, damage pertick 110, cooldown 12.8 and manacost 160)
  • Level 6 (heal 80, damage pertick 120, cooldown 12.5 and manacost 180)

Tejobhiru (magical)

Photo via Lokapala

Ma’esh creates a shadow of himself and can leave it in certain areas.

On the way to the designated area, when it comes into contact with an enemy, Ma’esh’s shadow slows down the opponent (70%) and deals 30% magical damage (of original damage).

Then in the specified area, the shadow steps on the ground and can stun the enemy.

  • Level 1 (damage 600, cooldown 75 and manacost 250)
  • Level 2 (750 damage, 70 cooldown and 280 manacost)
  • Level 3 (damage 900, cooldown 65 and manacost 310)

Photo via Lokapala

Lokapala also presented the Ma’esh skin “Eternal Anarchy” which was present on June 29, 2022. Interestingly, there is currently a Lokapala Top Up promo. With a minimum of 15 thousand rupiahs of Citrine top up, you can get the “Eternal Anarchy” Skin from Ksatriya Ma’esh! This promo is valid from March 14 to April 14 2022.

This top up promo also applies if you top up only at So, don’t miss the promo, Ksatriya!

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