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Not Lolita, This is the Hero with the Highest Win Rate in Mobile Legends!

Not Lolita, This is the Hero With the Highest Win Rate Currently in Mobile Legends!

Mobile Legends now has hundreds of more heroes that can be used to play in the Land of Dawn.

Each of these heroes certainly has different characteristics to be able to bring each player to victory.

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Interestingly, there is one hero who currently has a very large win rate and has succeeded in shifting Lolita, who had dominated for the past few months.

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Masha Becomes the Hero with the Highest WR

Hero ML Anti Recall Masha
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The hero turned out to be Masha, who just got a big buff in the Mobile Legends patch update this time.

The reason is, Masha herself is now very strong because she has very high damage as well as great damage to the hero.

Even this hero has now started to dominate an event the size of MPL Indonesia, often being used as a roamer.

With his 1st skill, he can resurrect wild power which will increase movement speed by 30% and get additional physical damage of 120 + (1% / 1.3 / 1.6 / 1.9 / 2.2% / 2.5% of the Target’s Max HP)

When using skill 2, Masha will give energy shocks to the target which will deal massive damage as well as a slow effect of 40% to the target.

In fact, he can still give another big attack when using his 3rd skill which will also make his opponent feel slow by 90%.

Interestingly, he also has other skills that can regenerate his HP if energy bar hers was fully charged which would make it extremely difficult to subdue.

Seeing the combination of attack and defense that is equally good, it is not surprising that this hero is now a favorite to use as well as being able to help in achieving victory.

So, that’s the hero with the highest win rate currently in Mobile Legends.

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