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This is the Best Gold Lane Hero To Push Rank Early Season A la RRQ Skylar!

This is the Best Gold Lane Hero To Push Rank Early Season A la RRQ Skylar!

After the patch update, of course, both META and hero usage strategies are now starting to shift by adjusting the existing patch.

This of course makes the heroes who were often used in the previous patch no longer relevant because of course there are those who get nerfs.

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Therefore, here are the best gold lane heroes for push rank at the beginning of the season according to RRQ Skylar.

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There’s a Surprise Hero

Photo via MPL ID

After the dramatic victory against AURA Fire, Schevenko “Skylar” David took the time to attend a media interview attended by SPIN Esports.

On that occasion, Skylar, who was in the spotlight thanks to his brilliant performance when playing the role of a goldlaner, finally gave a recommendation for the best gold lane hero in this patch.

“Melissa, Grock and Popol & Kupa are good at the gold lane,” said Skylar in front of the media crew.

Interestingly, he mentioned that Grock is currently getting a big buff in terms of damage which makes it easy to beat thin heroes like Assassin and Marksman.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Popol & Kupa are currently still quite annoying marksman heroes with their unique skills.

So, that’s the best gold lane hero in the Mobile Legends patch this time according to RRQ Skylar. Interested in trying these heroes, Spinners?

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