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The Strongest Support Estes Build, Fastest Healing!

Estes Mobile Legends

Hello friends, back at BugisTekno, so in this article the admin will discuss the most powerful Estes support build that heals really fast.

We know that support is one of the jobs that also plays an important role in a team. Without support, hyper heroes also can’t do much.

Likewise with other jobs, the point of which in this game is that you are required to work as a team. Well, as a healing hero, Estes is of course the most reliable support hero.

Moreover, he has the ultimate skill that can fill the blood of all teammates within reach. That’s why Estes is also quite salable to use to rank, because his contribution is very supportive for the team to survive during war.

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing support using Estes, below the admin has prepared the build. Of course, with the right build, you can play to the fullest. Come on, take a look!

Estes Skills Explanation

Before entering the build structure, it’s a good idea to understand Estes’ skills first so that you can be better at carrying out your duties as support in the team.

What you need to pay attention to when playing Estes is the timing in using skills, where you have to pay attention to the HP of your teammates in order to heal properly.

Well, in terms of Estes’ skills, it’s also the same as heroes in general, there is one passive skill and three active skills. Below is a full explanation.

Passive Skill – Scripture of the Moon Elf: Estes will receive energy slowly, when it reaches 100 it will increase Estes’ basic attack and slow effect by 60%.

So, playing Estes is not just for you to use the skills, because Estes’s basic attack is also able to provide assistance in terms of slow effects and little damage.

Skill One – Moonlight Immersion: With this skill, Estes will restore HP for one teammate for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, it also increases damage and movement speed by 15%.

Skill Two – Domain of Moon Goddes: For skill two, Estes will drop a circular Flood of Moonlight to the specified area. When it hits the opponent, it will be affected by a slow effect of 90%.

So, these two skills are very helpful for stopping the opponent’s movement when the team fights, so that your teammates can easily execute the opponent.

Ultimate Skill – Blessing of Moon Goddes: Well, for Estes’ ultimate skill, it’s almost the same as the other skill. However, what makes the difference is that this ultimate skill is able to add HP to all teammates around. Then, the healing effect is even faster.

So, using Estes’ ultimate skill, you only need to use the right timing, especially when you are in a pinch. For example, when some of your teammates’ HPs are thin, then that’s the right time to use the ultimate skill.

The Strongest Support Estes Build

After explaining Estes’s skills, then next we go into the discussion of the build item. Yep, since there are no survival skills in the sense of moving quickly from Estes’s hero, of course you also need to make defense items to be able to survive.

Alright, here is the list of the strongest Estes builds in the BugisTekno version based on the admin experience:

Strongest Build Estes
  • Tough Boots – Favor: Increases movement speed, magical defense and passively restores additional HP from heal skills to teammates.
  • Enchanted Talisman: Increases magic power, HP, cooldown reduction and passively regenerates mana every 10 seconds.
  • Oracle: Increases HP. magical defense, cooldown reduction, and passively increase skill absorption and HP regen.
  • Dominance Ice: Increases mana, physical defense, movement speed, cooldown reduction and passively reduces the opponent’s HP regen.
  • Athena Shield: Increases HP, magical defense, HP regen, and passively reduces magic damage received.
  • Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

Based on the Estes build arrangement above, it means that you must act as a roamer in the team. Because Estes’s ability synergizes with the effect of the Favor roam item, which can increase the ability of Estes’ heal effect.

So, your task is only to pay attention to your teammates, roam to the top or bottom lane and do healing, especially for players whose HP is already thin.

Estes’ Emblems and Spells

In addition, the admin has also prepared emblems and spells for Estes’s hero. The emblem that fits the Estes hero is the emblem Support with talent Avarice. Because the emblem can also increase the healing effect and also give additional gold every time Estes deals damage.

Then, for a suitable spell, you can adjust the draft of the opponent’s hero. If there are many CC heroes then you can use spells Purifybut if not you should use a spell Flicker just.

Well, maybe that’s enough for this review regarding the composition of the Estes build, the strongest support for the fastest healing version of BugisTekno. Hopefully useful and happy playing.