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9 Best Ramadan Themed Games, Make Ngabuburit!

Best Ramadan Themed Game

It doesn’t feel like we are approaching the holy month of Ramadan, the month full of blessings and forgiveness. For all Muslims, it is obligatory for us to fast during the month of Ramadan.

When fasting, sometimes we also need entertainment while waiting for the time to break the fast. Well, one of the right entertainment is to play games.

Of the various types of games, it’s better if we play games with the theme of Ramadan. Of course, this type of game has game elements related to the holy month of Ramadan.

If you are curious to know what games are Ramadan-themed, below the admin has summarized some. Come on, let’s look at the following reviews.

Good Game Recommendations You Play in the Month of Fasting

1. Marbel Fasting Adventure

Fasting Adventure Marbel Game

The first choice game is Marbel Adventure Fasting. This game will invite you to play while learning, introduce you to the privileges of the fasting month of Ramadan.

You can find various positive activities during the fasting month in this game. In addition, there are also various readings and prayers for fasting.

2. Learn to Cook Ramadan Fasting

Furthermore, a game that is also quite interesting for you to play in the month of fasting is Learning to Cook Fasting Ramadan. We know, before breaking the fast, there are lots of people selling dishes for breaking the fast, such as ice compote, cendol dawet and others.

Well, in this game you will play like that. You will learn to cook and then later sell various dishes such as compote, ice cincau and others. Serve customers in a friendly and courteous manner.

In addition, there is also a SECIL series (Serial Belajar Kecil Anak) which presents teaching materials for children about religion, such as Islamic prayers, learning to recite the Iqro’ and many more.

3. Ramadan Special Quiz

Ramadan Special Quiz Game

The third best Ramadan-themed game is the Ramadan Special Quiz. Well, for those of you who like quiz games, this could be the right choice.

Through this Ramadan Special Quiz game, you will be required to answer various questions related to the holy month of Ramadan. There are also levels from the easiest to the hardest that can test how far you know about the holy month of Ramadan.

4. Feast of Sahur

Game of Sahur Celebration

The fourth choice Ramadan-themed game is Gebyar Sahur. If there is one member of your family who is difficult to wake up for sahur, you can try this game.

The reason is, in this game you can make a unique sound to wake people up for sahur. The sound source comes from various tools such as gallons, bottles, buckets, pans and others. Just connect your cellphone to the speaker and people will wake up automatically.

5. Nisa & Musa

Nisa and Musa Game

For women who need a game to wait for the time to break their fast, then this Nisa & Musa game is right for you to play. In this game, you have to solve various obstacles in the form of temptations that can break Nisa & Musa’s fast.

You have to help them so that their fast is perfect. In addition, there are many choices of cute and unique characters that you can play, and there are also levels that will be more challenging.

6. Kolak Express 3

Game Kolak Express 3

The recommended Ramadan-themed game which is also fun is Kolak Express 3. In the game, you will act as a compote seller and then serve customers who order compote quickly and at the right time.

The challenge is, because it is not only limited to making compote, because there is also a choice of unique variations of compote orders that require you to be careful in order to be able to serve customer orders correctly.

In this game’s story, it tells the story of a young couple who open a business selling compotes to save money for the cost of getting married.

7. Ramadan Cooking Challenges

Game Ramadan Cooking Challenges

Ramadan Cooking Challenges is also one of the Ramadan-themed games that you should try. The reason is, in this game you will be taught to share goodness in this blessed month.

You have to cook a variety of menu dishes, be it food or drinks such as soup, french fries, fresh juice and others. Then, later you will share your dish with people as a dish to break the fast.

8. Guess the Picture Ngabuburit

Game Guess the Picture Ngabuburit

When it’s time to break the fast, usually we can’t wait to eat iftar. Well, one of the convenient ways while waiting for the breaking time is to play the game Guess the Picture Ngabuburit.

In this game, there is a collection of sketches related to the month of Ramadan that you will have to guess what the contents of the image are.

Of course, it’s very exciting, especially when there are more than 180 levels that are ready to challenge you. So, as you play, rest assured that you will not feel that time is breaking for a moment.

9. Ramadan Adventure

Ramadan Adventure Games

The recommended Ramadan-themed game which is the last list in this review is Ramadan Adventure. Well, for this one game it is very suitable for children.

The reason is, this game presents exciting and interesting games combined with education in terms of fasting. As for that is about fasting, fasting intentions, prayers for breaking the fast, intentions of zakat fitrah, reading takbir and much more. So that it can invite children to play while learning.

So, those were some recommendations for Ramadan-themed Android games that are good for you to play while fasting, especially while waiting for iftar time.