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Build Sun is the Sickest 2022, Hero is Good at Playing Gangsters!

Sun Mobile Legends

Hello friends, how are you all, I hope you are always in good health, so in this review BugisTekno will review the composition of the sickest Sun build that can make the enemy die with just one hit.

Yep, we know Sun is one of the Fighter-type heroes in Mobile Legends. This hero has a characteristic where he can create a clone of himself, like Naruto’s kagebunshin.

Of course, the advantages of this Sun hero can overwhelm the enemy, because there are quite a lot of cloning himself and can make it difficult for the enemy to know which one is the original.

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing Sun’s hero, before that, it’s a good idea to know the build item first. So that you can play better and of course can slaughter enemies easily. Come on, let’s see!

Sun’s Skills Explanation

Before going into the main discussion, the admin will explain a little about these Sun hero skills so that you can use Sun’s hero skills better.

Also because Sun’s skill is quite different from other heroes, where there are five skills consisting of one passive skill and four active skills. Well, the following admin will explain one by one.

Passive Skill – Simian God: Physical defense of the opponent will be reduced when exposed to damage from Sun or his clone. His clone attack can restore Sun’s HP.

Skill One – Endless Variety: Sun throws his wand in the designated direction. Then the wand will turn into a clone that can attack the affected target.

Skill Two – Swift Exchange: Sun also throws his wand in the specified direction, but the stick is Sun’s true form. So, skill two is the opposite of skill one.

Skill Three – Instantaneous Move: Sun and his clones will attack the specified opponent. So, for skill three it is useful to mobilize Sun and his clones to attack the enemy.

Ultimate Skill – Clone Techniques: For his ultimate skill, Sun will summon an additional clone that has 70% of its original ability for 12 seconds.

Based on the skill explanation above, it is certain that to play the Sun skill combo, you can start with an attack with skill one, continue with ultimate to add clones and order to attack with skill three. Then, for the second skill, you can use it to run away when the enemy is planning to do ganking.

Build Sun Mobile Legends Hurts

Sun is one of the Fighter heroes with a typical physical attack. Therefore, Sun basically requires an Item build array that adds physical.

Even so, you also can’t just choose, because build items also have different additional effects so you have to sort out which items are suitable for Sun’s hero to use. So, here’s the build of the BugisTekno version of Sun:

Build Sun Hurts
  • Tough Boots: Increases movement speed, magical defense and passive CC reduces the effect.
  • War Ax: Increase physical attack, HP, cooldown reduction and passive increase in damage and penetration.
  • Corrosion Scythe: Increases physical attack, movement, attack speed and passively reduces the opponent’s movement speed.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: Increases physical attack, attack speed and passive additional damage.
  • Dominance Ice: Increases mana, physical defense, movement speed, cooldown reduction and passively reduces the opponent’s HP regen.
  • Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

Hero Sun’s Emblem and Spell

In addition to the build, you also need to know the emblem, along with a good spell for the Sun hero. Because this is also an important component, my friend, as the basis for Sun’s strength in the early game.

Well, according to the role, a good emblem for Sun’s hero is an emblem Fighter with talent Festival of Blood. Because with this emblem, it can increase endurance to attack speed for Sun’s hero.

Then, for a good spell, you can actually adjust it to your opponent and your gameplay. If you want to use Sun for split push, then a good spell to use is Arrival.

However, if you want to play Sun to focus on the team fight then you are good at using spells Inspire. Because the spell is capable of dealing very painful damage to Sun. Plus Sun will get a lifesteal effect in a few moments.

Well, that was the review about the hurting Sun Mobile Legends build structure that can make your opponent automatically die from being beaten. Hopefully useful and thanks for visiting.