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The Golden SCAR FF Presents as a CS Rank Season 12 Prize!

The Golden SCAR FF Presents as a CS Rank Season 12 Prize!

The presence of the Free Fire (FF) OB33 patch update is enough to provide significant changes to the Free Fire gameplay.

Of course, this will greatly affect the push rank process that players will carry out for some time to come.

What’s more, Free Fire has just entered a new season for Clash Squad (CS) rank. Where, all player achievements in the previous season will be reset.

As usual, when the season changes, Free Fire’s rank gives free skin prizes to players who reach a certain rank.

Well, in the CS Rank season 012 this time, players can get The Golden SCAR FF gun skin. Come on, see the complete information below!

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The Golden SCAR FF

The Golden is arguably a special skin series that is always present in every Free Fire season rank change.

The gold-themed skin that covers all parts of the Free Fire weapon is always present in different weapons every season.

For this 12th CS rank season, Free Fire presents SCAR weapons which get the opportunity as the main prize this season.

However, this skin is only given to the best players who have reached the target rank that has been determined by Free Fire in the past season.

You can claim this gun skin for free after reaching Rank Gold III before entering Clash Squad Rank Season 12.

This skin itself is here and you can get it after resetting the Clash Squad Rank Free Fire (FF) Season 12 which opened on March 24, 2022 yesterday starting at 16.00 WIB.

If you are a lover of cool gun skins, especially users of SCAR weapons, it seems that you must get this gun skin.

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That’s information about the CS rank prize that offers a cool skin, namely SCAR The Golden as the main prize. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.