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AC80 Golden Roar FF, Get Free Top Up Bonus!

AC80 Golden Roar FF, Get Free Top Up Bonus!

Free Fire (FF) players tend to be interested in the presence of various kinds of skins in the latest events, especially if players can get them for free.

One of the places where players can get free items is the top up bonus event, which always comes with interesting items.

Usually, players can only get gloo wall skins, vehicles, backpacks, and emotes in the event.

But this time it’s different, Free Fire brings a gun skin which is quite rare in the free event.

Yep, players can get AC80 Golden Roar FF for free at the top up bonus event. Here’s more detailed information!

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AC80 Golden Roar FF

AC80 Golden Roar FF

The AC80 is a terrible long-range weapon. Moreover, if the player combines it by using a gun skin that has a status or attribute.

Well, Golden Roar is one of the AC80 skins that has this. This skin has the same theme as Groza Roar and the Golden Roar Bundle which was released on the Moco Store in early 2022 yesterday.

As leaked by GM Ari Kriswanto on the Kulgar YouTube Channel, that he confirmed that there would be a cool gun skin in the top up bonus on March 26 to April 1, 2022.

To be able to get it in the Top Up Bonus event, at least you have to do a Top Up of 200 Diamonds. Here are the steps you can follow to get cool skin prizes:

  • Select the Diamond logo at the top of the Free Fire main menu screen
  • Open Top-up chart
  • Top up a minimum of 200 Diamonds
  • Confirm payment
  • Visit Event>Top Up Bonus
  • Press Fetch
  • Get Skin AC80 Golden Roar in Vault Tab

Here are the statistical changes when using Gun Skin AC80 Golden Roar in the form of:

  • Damage (+)
  • Magazines (+)
  • Reload Speed ​​(-)

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That’s the way to get cool gun skins in the latest Free Fire (FF) top up bonus event! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.