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Rows of the Most OP Jungler Heroes After Patch Update According to ONIC Sanz!

Rows of the Most OP Jungler Heroes After Patch Update According to ONIC Sanz!

After the latest patch update, surprisingly many surprise picks were immediately created, which was immediately proven by SANZ, who for the first time used Baxia as a jungler,

Without any significant difficulties, the ONIC Mars squad managed to secure a 2-0 win without reply while ensuring the team closely adhered to RRQ Hoshi at the top of the MPL ID Season 9 standings.

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Until finally, one of the ONIC Esports retainers, Gilang “SANZ”, gave his recommendation regarding the jungler who will become a META in this patch.

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Jungler Tanks Will Dominate the Land of Dawn

Dock. Personal

In the match against RBL Zion, surprisingly, SANZ, who is famous for playing as an Assassin or Marksman, used a tank as a jungler for the first time.

Unmitigated, SANZ’s Baxia is certainly a terrible specter for RBL Zion players after the hero successfully deals massive damage and is quite difficult to beat.

After the match, he himself finally gave a recommendation for the heroes he predicted would be the OP in this patch to be used as a jungler.

“What was used earlier is for sure, Baxia and Uranus can too, X.Borg and tank fighters like that now can be hyper and will be stronger too,” said SANZ to SPIN Esports while attending the MPL ID Season 9 media interview.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that in this patch, tank heroes and tank items get quite a significant buff.

So that’s the recommendation for the most OP jungler hero after the latest patch update according to ONIC SANZ that you can practice right away,

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