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Summary of Update 1.0.55 Rise of Kingdoms, New Events and Features

As usual, RoK friends, Lilith sent an in-game mail that they will update the Rise of Kingdoms game by doing maintenance for the Patch 1.0.55 “Spring Awakening” update.

In addition to bringing new interesting events, they also made many changes to existing events.

new feature rise of kingdoms event
All you need is Gems to be able to unlock rewards or more prizes. Please see: My version of the Macul Gems RoK trick so you can get 200k gems per KvK too.

Players can download data updates early before maintenance with prizes in the form of Gems, Golden Keys, to Speedups. Just open the event calendar in your RoK game.

What’s new?

In addition to the Spring event, Esmeralda’s Prayers & Treasures, Tempest Clash, there will also be another event that many players have been waiting for, namely Zenith of Power. For more details, so you can follow along, read: Zenith of Power RoK Tips.

Crystal recycling: Crystal Tech is only available in Season of Conquest. Usually after KvK ends, there are remaining crystals available that are not used for technology upgrades due to insufficient time.

Lilith decided that unused crystal recycling would be converted into Season Coins but with a fixed proportion and a maximum limit. If it reaches the limit, then the Crystal is still changed to Gold / Gold only.

New event: The Kau Karuak Exam / Trial of Kau Karuak, this only exists in the SoC status kingdom, friends and throughout the Lost Kingdom.

Basically the Kau Karuak Exam event is similar to the Will of The Ancients (different from the Karuak Ceremony). Players will get Crystals, Seasonal Coins, and other attractive prizes such as Gold Keys, Speedups, Gold Stars.

The Season Shop or the Season Shop will change, my friend. Later the price of the Gold Statue/Gold Head and the type of Legendary Material will be reduced in price from the current coins, if I’m not mistaken before it was 15k coins per pcs.

Now you can get Crystals through Eve of The Crusade aka Pre Kvk. Again, those crystals only appear in the SoC kingdom for sure.

Barbarians Level 41 to Lvl 45 in the Lost Kingdom will get nerfed, Lilitu’s attempt to make it easier for players who have just entered Season of Conquest for the first time and haven’t maximized military technology in the Academy.

As well as many other adjustments such as when an empty alliance flag is attacked without a garrison, you will not receive any more emails. Great, this was really spam before.

Let’s look forward to the 1.0.55 Rise of Kingdoms update with all these new features and events.