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Alexander Nevsky Rise of Kingdoms: Best RoK Talent

The arrival of Alexander Nevsky to the game Rise of Kingdoms was warmly welcomed, especially by players who focused on Cavalry troops.

How not, because Alexander Nevsky has extraordinary active skills. With only 1300 rage, Direct Damage Factor 2300 can hit the opposing troops that are in the way.

alexander nevsky rise of kingdoms skirt

In the RoK game, Alexander Nevsky is a commander with the Legendary Commander tier. Expected to be able to change Meta for open field fights. Because this Alex doesn’t have Garrison or Conquering skills.

About Alexander Nevsky Rise of Kingdoms

Alexander Nevsky is the ruler of Novgorod and the Grand Prince of Vladimir and Kiev. He is best known for his victories against the Teutonic Knights and Defense of Russia against the invasion. He was also declared a saint.

Alexander Nevsky became ruler of Novgorod in 1236 to help them defend against the Swedish and German Invasions. He succeeded in several battles, the most famous of which was when he destroyed the Teutonic Knights.

Alexander Nevsky became a popular politician and was eventually appointed Grand Prince of Vladimir, effectively ruler of all of Russia. Nevsky was named a hero to the Russian people.

Best Build Talent Alexander Nevsky RoK

For the talent of Alexander Nevsky Rise of Kingdoms, you can try to build like this for war in the open field.

talent alexander nevsky skirt indonesia

Here are the skills that are the reason why Alexander Nevsky is a respected commander in the future and will be widely used for the open field.

Hero of Peipus (Active Skill) = Deals direct damage to targets (Damage Factor 2300) and reduces their Defense by (15x the number of enemies surrounding the target) a maximum of 15% for the next 3 seconds. The number of nearby enemies that can be taken into account in the calculation of this bonus damage has a limit of 3.

Expeditionary (Passive Skill 1) = Cavalry units led by commander Alexander Nevsky have a 20% increase in attack bonus and 20% increase in movement speed (March Speed). It also increases Health/HP by 20% outside the Alliance area.

Guard of The Republic (Passive Skill 2) = Cavalry unit led by this commander increases defense by 20%. Damage dealt by troops led by this commander is increased by 10%, and damage taken from nearby targets is reduced by 5%.

Knight of Iron (Passive Skill 3) = When the troop led by this commander consists of Cavalry only, skill damage increases by 25%; damave skill increases by an extra 35% for 4 seconds after casting an active skill. This effect triggers at most once every 5 seconds.

Winters Storm (Expertise) = Normal attack damage inflicted by troops led by commander Alexander Nevsky increased by 5%, and has a 10% chance to increase Cavalry unit Health by 30% for 3 seconds when attacked. This effect can trigger up to once every 5 seconds.

Strengths and Advantages of Alexander Nevsky RoK

Very good for open field fights with Cavalry troops.

The damage from Alexander Nevsky’s active skills can provide a buff for his troops.

Can provide debuffs on enemy troops..

Having Direct Damage Factor hurts with only 1300 Rage.

Weaknesses and Weaknesses of ROK COMMANDANTS

× Not a good commander for PvE

× Alexander Nevsky does not have the Healing Factor to heal troops instantly while in war.

The Strongest Commander Alexander Nevsky Combo Pair

Alexander Nevsky – William : For a fight in the open field, then William I can be a good partner. Fellow Cavalry too but only valid in KvK Season of Conquest. Listen: William RoK’s Tips.
Alexander Nevsky – Saladin : Commander Saladin seemed to be a complement to Alexander Nevsky’s weakness. In addition, Salahuddin Ayyubi will help increase the March Speed ​​cavalry. Check: Saladin RoK Tips Tips.
Alexander Nevsky – Baibars : If you are an F2P and Low Spender, only Nevsky can be an expertise, so you can compare it with Baibars. Commander of the Epic Cavalry but has solid AOE damage. Read: Tips Baibars RoK.

How to Get Commander Alexander Nevsky RoK

For how to get Alexander Nevsky Rise of Kingdoms, you have to spin him in the Wheel of Fortune event when the Cavalry edition’s Greatest Governor event begins.

Buddy must get at least 10 gold statues of Alexander Nevsky Rise of Kingdoms in order to be summoned, make sure you have prepared enough Gems.