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How to Make Courier Station Rise of Kingdoms Appear Fast

How do I trigger or bring up Courier Station in Rise of Kingdoms to come back? Courier Station building is important for all players, whether F2P, Low Spender or Sultan. Here we will discuss so that the Mysterious Merchant spawns and appears again.

Mysterious Merchant is a character or character who will come to Courier Station bringing items such as RSS, Speedups, Boosters for War and Farming, Tome of Knowledge, Equipment/Equipment Materials, to Gold/Purple Stars (Gold Star & Purple Stars).

courier station rise of kingdoms

Most of the time, my friends can exchange all of these items using Gems at a discount compared to those in regular Shop/Shop buildings. But not a few can be exchanged using RSS/SDA in the form of Food and Wood.

Mysterious Merchant’s Boutique can be summoned in certain ways. Such as defeating barbarians, training troops, and upgrading buildings. But if the building has a maximum level of 25, you can do it in 2 other ways.

Unfortunately, Mysterious Merchant only comes at certain hours or times to Courier Station. After almost three years of playing I have researched this and found interesting facts, here are the secret tips and tricks.

How to Get Mysterious Merchant Courier Station to Appear and Come Back

1. Summoning Mysterious Merchant at Courier Station can be done automatically every 07:00 WIB (00:00 UTC) during reset.

2. Ms. Mysterious Merchant can go out again to Courier Station 2 Hours after resetor to be precise at 09:00 WIB (02:00 UTC).

3. After that, you have to wait 3 hours after 9 AM, it means Courier Station Rise of Kingdoms will return again at 12:00 PM WIB (05:00 UTC).

4. Every time the Courier Station arrives, you have 2 hours to buy the desired item and the Mysterious Merchant will leave again.

5. Continuing with point number three, Courier Station will reappear for the fourth time at 16:00 WIB (09:00 UTC) or 4 hours after the third summon.

6. After that, my friend, wait until 5 hours or to be precise at 21:00 WIB, and you can defeat the Barbarians or train troops to bring up the Mysterious Merchant Courier Station. This is the last one for a day.

So the answer when the Mysterious Merchants come can be concluded from the findings above, that Mbak can appear to the Courier Station every 2, 3, 4 and 5 hours since the last time she came on that day. Also read: Tips for Queen Tamar Rise of Kingdoms.

But what must be considered is the timeliness. If you summon the 9 am part at 09:05 WIB for example, then his next appearance will be 12:05 WIB, 16:05, and 21:05.

Tips: Buy all items that are sold using RSS/SDA, even if you don’t really need it. Especially for those who need Speedups, buy all Speedups if you can use RSS, if you want to use Gems, look for ones with more than 60% discount.

How, easy isn’t it? Indeed, the trick to bring up the Mysterious Merchant Courier Station in Rise of Kingdoms was not directly explained by Lilith. They only advise us to Training Troops, Upgrade Building and Defeat Barbarians only.