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Kingdom 1960, Rise of Kingdoms Player's Dream Solid Kingdom

The 1960s Kingdom or Kingdom of Hedon has been in the spotlight in the Rise of Kingdoms community lately. Some of you may already know why they are getting more and more popular.

1960 is called one of the best and most solid empires in this game. They have experienced more than 5 times the Lost Kingdom Event or KvK, since the first season until now have never felt defeat.

kingdom 1960 rise of kingdoms

Kingdom, which was formed in June 2022, is a kingdom dominated by Chinese players. But not a few players from other countries, including Indonesia.

Real Fighter

A true fighter, that’s the title that deserves to be pinned on kingdom #1960. They are war mad when they enter KvK, as if Nothing to Lose Of course, whoever becomes his opponent will be disappointed.

The hottest is the ongoing KvK, where 1960 vs Everybody. Alias ​​1960 against three kingdoms at once namely #2110, #1947 and #1256.

On average one kingdom contains at least 2-3 major alliances, one alliance consists of at least 150 players. That’s exactly what the 1960s players faced in this viral KvK.

From the beginning of KvK until the battle in King’s Land opened, they managed to dominate the course of the war until the enemy was no longer Imperium Kingdom status.

Imagine one kingdom against three kingdoms, and even then #1960 only brought down two main alliances, both of which also entered the final of the Osiris League tournament.

It is said that this war strategy became the secret weapon of 1960 in winning every battle both in the Osiris League and during KvK.

Rewards for Players

One of the things that made 1960 unique and different from the kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms in general was that they had a system of distributing gifts from the king and royal officials (Kingdom Council), not from Lilith.

Players who make a big contribution to the KvK event will be given coins, which can later be exchanged for Apple iTunes Gift Cards or Google Play Cards so that players can buy RoK bundles, especially to maximize Crystal Tech RoK technology.

Maybe that concept is also the reason why the Fighters are more comfortable settling in 1960 and contributing more.

The number of sultans in the #1960 kingdom is not the main reason they always win KvK. Because other kingdoms also have many sultans. Maybe strategy, desire or desire to win and the strong ambition of each player to be a winning factor.

Rumors and Rumors Scattered

There is a saying that the taller the tree, the stronger the wind. The more popular a kingdom, the more rumors and rumors circulating.

We may have often read rumors about the kingdoms of 1307, 1254, 1945, 1664, 1860 and other strongest kingdoms. 1960 was not an exception, they were hit by many issues.

Not a few say in the ROKI or RoK International groups that #1960 is Lilith’s favorite kingdom so there is an issue of additional buff transparency for players during the war, many say players also use RSS Bots, to rumors of a high-ranking Lilith disguised as an ordinary player in #1960 with unlimited Gems.

Yes, as a player, you should be wise in responding to such issues and rumors, it is better to ignore them. A MaverickL and BABA TC ATATURK cannot be separated from their respective issues.

Two Alliances 60GT and 60Mx

Now 1960 has two main alliances (Main Alliance) namely 60GT and 60Mx. GT is number one, especially since the Alliance Gift Level has reached 38, which indicates how heavy the Golden Chest is splashing there.

Will 1960 add another major alliance to war? Well, it could be yes, or no. Because only with two alliances they can overthrow three kingdoms at once.

Many other people and fighters applied to join the 1960s empire but were turned down, even though the war stats on his account were pretty good. Proof of how hard it is to be a part of them.

Because maybe it was only in 1960 that we could feel what it was like to be more than just playing a game. War, test solidarity, win, get rewards.

The sultan’s high appreciation in 1960 for fighters by helping F2P and Low Spender players to top up the Rise of Kingdoms bundle made anyone dream of getting there.