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Single City, Unique Strategy Game Available Now on Android

Single City is a game created by the creators of the games Party in my Droom and Kingdom of Heckfire. Single City has just launched globally. In this game the goal of the player is to gain fame and gain power. In this city, you will not lead a completely different life, but also climb the social ladder.

Single City is a unique game in its own way. It requires tactics and strategy, not to fight but to organize your journey as you climb the social ladder. You have to meet new cool people to expand your reach. And if you think only communication will help you make a mark in society, then you are wrong. To impress the people out there, you need to dress up and customize your appearance. There are more than hundreds of looks to choose from and also, you can enhance your home and environment as you wish.
There will be certain tasks given to you and completing them will earn you energy, cash and other great prizes.

But don’t think that you will be alone in this city! You will have a roommate who will help you explore the magnificent city of your dreams. In one city, your goal is to gain fame. Bending your way, tempting those around you to be more extroverted, and showing off your encounters are what sets your moves forward and forges a path for you in the big city. Don’t forget to gather your crew! As you gain friends and followers, you will find enemies that will cause a lot of drama! And who doesn’t love a little drama?

Single City is still under development and has been released in early access on Android to gather feedback from players. That means we can expect a better version when it is fully released. But if you want to try it now, you can get it on Google Play.