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PUBG Mobile Holds Champion Cup Season 2 with Total Prize of IDR 285 Million

After successfully holding the first season, PUBG Mobile again held the Jawara Cup, titled Jawara Cup Season 2 to enliven the PUBG Mobile player community called PUBG Mobile Jawara Community (PMJC). In the Jawara Cup Season 1, the high enthusiasm of the community can be seen from the number of participants who participated. It was recorded that more than 15 thousand players competed in the Jawara Cup Season 1 where 3,819 players registered in the solo player category while 11,308 other players registered in the squad player category where one squad consists of four players to form 2,827 squads.

“We are very pleased to see the enthusiasm of thousands of participants who registered from 400 districts or cities from 34 provinces in Indonesia to take part in the biggest inter-community tournament in Indonesia which we initiated last month. During the match, their competitive spirit was felt both in the qualifier and in the grand final,” said Jenny Zhuang, Country Manager for PUBG Mobile Indonesia, in a statement quoted from detikINET.

Seeing their enthusiasm and input, we are proud to present the Champion Cup Season 2 which will certainly not be less exciting than the first season, “he added.

Registration for the Jawara Cup Season 2 has also been opened from 12 November to 21 November. Registration is done online, making it easier for community teams to register their teams so that they can participate in the Jawara Cup Season 2. Community teams only need to access the official website here, then go to the ‘Esports’ page, select ‘Team List’, then enter the required data. and click ‘Submit’ after all data is filled in.

The qualifiers for the Jawara Cup Season 2 will be held on November 22-26 and the grand final will be held on November 30. In this second Jawara Cup Season, PUBG Mobile has prepared a UC prize pool of IDR 285 million for the winners.

The type of competition contested in the Jawara Cup Season 2 this time is the TPP (third-person perspective) squad in each province. To make it even more interesting, PUBG Mobile will bring together the champions from each province to compete again in the grand final round and look for the real champion.

Source: DetikInet