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Sick Balmond Build, Once Hits a Dying Enemy!

Balmond Mobile Legends

Do you want to push MMR Balmond, guys? If so, let’s look at the recommendations for the sickest Balmond build that can make the enemy die with just one pounding.

As we know Balmond is one of the heroes with a pretty terrible Fighter role. The reason is, this hero has the ability to pound the enemy with great damage.

Of course, with this ability, Balmond can end opponents easily and is also able to steal other objectives such as turtles and lords.

However, again, all of that will not be optimal without the right build item arrangement. Therefore, for those of you who want to use the Balmond hero, let’s look at the following review.

Explanation of Balmond’s Skills

Before entering the build order, the admin will first explain Balmond’s skills so that you can maximize the game by utilizing combo skills.

The number of Balmond skills is four consisting of one passive skill and three active skills. Here’s the explanation:

  • Passive Skill – Bloodthirst: Balmond restores HP every time he eliminates an opponent.
  • Skill One – Soul Lock: Balmond charges and moves forward. If it hits the opponent, the opponent’s hero will be affected by a slight knockback, slow and damage effect.
  • Skill Two – Cyclone Sweep: Balmond will spin around and deal damage to enemies around him continuously.
  • Ultimate Skill – Lethal Counter: For this ultimate skill, Balmond will pound into the specified area and deal damage to the affected opponent. In addition, the opponent will also be affected by the slow effect.

Looking at the skills possessed by the hero Balmond, it can be categorized that this one hero is quite easy to use.

You just need to do the right timing when using each skill. Whether it’s the other skill that you can use to escape, skill two to repay the enemy’s HP and for the ultimate skill that you can use to end the enemy.

Build Balmond Mobile Legends Hurts

After understanding Balmond’s hero skills, then we will enter the following list of the most painful builds:

Build Balmond Hurts
  • Warrior Boots: Increases movement speed, physical defense and passively increases physical defense every time it takes damage.
  • War Ax: Increase physical attack, HP, cooldown reduction and passive increase in damage and penetration.
  • Cursed Helmet: Increases HP, magical defense, and passive deals a little magic damage to nearby enemies every second.
  • Bloodlust Ax: Increases physical attack, cooldown reduction and passively adds spell vamp.
  • Dominance Ice: Increases mana, physical defense, movement speed, cooldown reduction and passively reduces the opponent’s HP regen.
  • Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

You can see, the Balmond build arrangement above also has additional defense items. The reason is, because the hero Balmond is a typical fighter who needs to approach the enemy when attacking. So of course you need additional defense to be able to defend while attacking.

Balmond Emblem and Spell

Emblems and spells are a design that you need to do before fighting in the land of dawn. Of course, the design is also very influential in the game.

Therefore, you need to determine the appropriate emblem and spell for the hero Balmond. Based on admin experience, a good emblem for Balmond’s hero is an emblem Fighter with talent Festival of Blood.

Balmond's Emblem and Talent

Then, for a spell that is suitable for Balmond is a spell Flicker which of course can help you chase or avoid the enemy.

Even so, you also need to determine the role you will fill. Because Balmond is a fairly flexible hero, besides being able to act as a filler for exp lane, you can also use it for junglers.

So, if you want to use Balmond as a jungler, the admin recommends you use the Assassins emblem with the Killing Spree talent.

Well, if that’s enough of the reviews this time about the sick Balmond build structure that makes the enemy die just one pounding. Hopefully useful and good luck.